March, 2013

Polycab’s Triguard Technology

Have you watched the new Polycab commercial? If yes, then you are most likely to be aware of the Triguard technology mentioned in the ad. The commercial states, that the advanced Triguard technology used in the new range of Polycab wires offers maximum protection against fire, shock and short circuit. So, what exactly is Triguard … Continue reading “Polycab’s Triguard Technology”

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Fire Alarm Cables

In spite of taking endless precautionary measures, accidents do happen. And this is because of sheer negligence and lack of knowledge and it would not be wrong to say, the ignorance of people. People, who invest in quality furnishings for their homes, often fail to allocate resources for implementing safety measures, especially against fires. Even … Continue reading “Fire Alarm Cables”

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Difference Between Power Cables And Control Cables

Cables are of various types and varieties, with each designed to perform a specific function. The performance and the durability of the cables depend on the quality of its raw materials. Every cable has a distinguished construction, which differentiates it from others. Power cables and Control cables, which are often confused for one another, but … Continue reading “Difference Between Power Cables And Control Cables”

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The Difference Between LAN Cat-5e and Cat-6 Cables

Today, LAN Cat-53 and Cat-6 cables are a common sight in homes and workplaces as of 2010. We had previously talked about LAN Cat-5e and Cat-6 cables, so you must be fairly familiar with the various features of it and noticed that they share some common features. With regards to similarity, it is easy to … Continue reading “The Difference Between LAN Cat-5e and Cat-6 Cables”

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Polycab organised a Mega Meet in Chennai

The event was organised for rewarding achievements in the field of sales. This included a lucky draw with few ...

Polycab organised Blood Donation Camp at Indore

Committed to CSR activities, Polycab has recently organised a blood donation camp on 15th ...

Polycab organised Workshop at PEDA on Energy-efficient Products

Polycab has organised a workshop on energy-efficient products with a collaboration of ...

Polycab targets revenue of Rs 10,000 cr by 2020

Polycab said it aims to achieve revenue of about Rs10,000 crore by 2020 compared to its current ...
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Polycab has ‘Bharose ka Mark’!
Polycab Wires is the first wire company in India to introduce a security code on their packs, so that you can check the originality of the wire purchased in two easy steps.
Be sure, be safe with Polycab. India’s leading wire brand.

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