August, 2013

Which Is Better – Solid Or Stranded Wires?

Choosing the right type of wires and cables for house wiring can be a tedious task. Though, we often choose the wires depending on the application and the amperage load, there is always a confusion as to which wires to use. Choosing between aluminium or copper wires wouldn’t be that difficult, if you have already … Continue reading “Which Is Better – Solid Or Stranded Wires?”

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The Little Things That Matter Most

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things” – Robert Brault In today’s world, everyone hopes for instant success in exchange for minimal effort. Most people give utmost importance to the larger picture without focussing on the finer details. That’s exactly why they do not … Continue reading “The Little Things That Matter Most”

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The Egression Phase of the Rovers – Part 2

This is the second part of the egression process of the rovers. Kindly read the post titled “The Egression Phase Of The Rovers – Part 1” in the Space Engineering category, prior to reading this blog. The unique construction of the landers further aids in the egression process of the rovers. With a tetrahedron base, … Continue reading “The Egression Phase of the Rovers – Part 2”

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The Egression Phase of the Rovers- Part 1

 “Hey lander pace down, we are about to reach”, shouted the rover from inside. “Don’t worry, i’ll handle it, you just be ready on your wheels”, shouted back the lander as it let its parachute flutter in space. With a wobbly touchdown, the lander finally opened its petals releasing the rover within. Modifying the actual … Continue reading “The Egression Phase of the Rovers- Part 1”

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A Switch In Time Saves Nine

As Faraday marched on to discover a different kind of energy unknown to mankind, little did he know that his discovery would be considered one of the greatest inventions for generations to come. Electricity has revolutionised the way the world has shaped and is one of the basic needs for survival today. As technology evolved, … Continue reading “A Switch In Time Saves Nine”

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Mars, Moon And The Landers – Part 2

  Unravelling the mysteries of the space has always been in the best interests of the common man. Though, the mechanism for landing on the celestial bodies were developed, the construction and the mechanism used in the early space crafts didn’t promise a safe landing. Landing on the surface of Mars had always been a … Continue reading “Mars, Moon And The Landers – Part 2”

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Mars, Moon And The Landers- Part 1

Hi, it’s good to see you back. Today, we will be talking about landers and their construction. This topic is different from our previous blog on the Mars series titled “Mars, Moon and The Rovers”. As promised we will be covering more aspects of space crafts and their invasion on the red planet in this … Continue reading “Mars, Moon And The Landers- Part 1”

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You Were Always Free

Reading the title of this blog, you might be prompted to wonder as to why this post has been uploaded now when Independence Day is already over. However, we would like to bring to your notice that this post was delayed on purpose. We wanted all our ardent fans and clients to whole-heartedly participate in … Continue reading “You Were Always Free”

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Mars, Moon And The Rovers – Part 1

In our previous blog titled ‘Ticket to Mars – An expedition with the rovers’, we had explored on what rovers are and had a few glimpses of their life. In this blog, we are going to dissect each part of them while unravelling their history and the mystery that goes with it. Before analysing and … Continue reading “Mars, Moon And The Rovers – Part 1”

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Ticket To Mars – An Expedition With The Rovers

After exploring the strangest and the simplest of machines which crawl across the globe, we have now embarked on a mission to investigate the rovers which regularly invade the red planet aka Mars. Be for its tinted red appearance or for its ancient alien sagas, Mars has always stirred the interest of the space explorers … Continue reading “Ticket To Mars – An Expedition With The Rovers”

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Polycab organised a Mega Meet in Chennai

The event was organised for rewarding achievements in the field of sales. This included a lucky draw with few ...

Polycab organised Blood Donation Camp at Indore

Committed to CSR activities, Polycab has recently organised a blood donation camp on 15th ...

Polycab organised Workshop at PEDA on Energy-efficient Products

Polycab has organised a workshop on energy-efficient products with a collaboration of ...

Polycab targets revenue of Rs 10,000 cr by 2020

Polycab said it aims to achieve revenue of about Rs10,000 crore by 2020 compared to its current ...
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