November, 2014

Home Decoration That’ll Make Your House Look Exceptional

Many people believe that decorating one’s house entails a lot of expenditure.  People have to splurge on a lot of different things.  However, that is certainly not the case.  Agreeably, there are expensive ways of home decoration and home lighting; but there are some Do It Yourself ways of doing the same as well.  In … Continue reading “Home Decoration That’ll Make Your House Look Exceptional”

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Bright Pink Lighting To Create Breast-Cancer Awareness

What is October most known for?  While different people might have different reasons to remember October, what the world knows this month for is Breast cancer awareness.  People, around the world, do different things to create the desired awareness.  They wear pink t-shirts to represent their support to the survivors of Breast Cancer.  On the … Continue reading “Bright Pink Lighting To Create Breast-Cancer Awareness”

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Interesting Facts That You Might Not Know About Led Lighting

LED bulbs are an extremely common part of homes and offices these days.  This means that we all understand the importance of LED lighting and use it for those reasons.  We know that this lighting option saves us cost.  The reason for this is that it uses very little electricity.  This is much lesser than … Continue reading “Interesting Facts That You Might Not Know About Led Lighting”

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Celebrating The 10th Anniversary Of Berlin Light Festival

How important is light?  If this question was asked to you, what would your answer be?  Many people believe that light is not just a way of eliminating darkness, but it is an integral part of our life.  It marks joy, happiness, celebration, and fervor.  That is the reason why we light up our houses … Continue reading “Celebrating The 10th Anniversary Of Berlin Light Festival”

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The Nobility Of Blue Led Lighting-Illuminating The World

Light is an important part of our life.  We need light to not just see properly when it is dark, but it is also used in various industries to ensure proper execution of the various processes.  That is why LED holds a special recognition in the world of invention, for the way in which it … Continue reading “The Nobility Of Blue Led Lighting-Illuminating The World”

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Opening of Polycab's 26th Branch across India at Ranchi

Polycab has opened its 26th office on Harbhu Road for serving people of Jharkhand with a focused approach!

Polycab celebrated Electrician Day across the country

December 15, 2017 was a special day for #Polycab as we have celebrated #ElectricianDay across the country!

Polycab organised a Mega Meet in Chennai

The event was organised for rewarding achievements in the field of sales. This included a lucky draw with few ...

Polycab organised Blood Donation Camp at Indore

Committed to CSR activities, Polycab has recently organised a blood donation camp on 15th ...
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