The Triboelectric Effect – A Milestone In The Field Of Electricity.

Have you ever experienced a sudden electric shock when your hands rub against the hands of another person? This must have left you wondering how is that possible? Where does this sudden electric shock come from? Well, the answer lies within you. We have heard that every action has a reaction. In the same way, … Continue reading “The Triboelectric Effect – A Milestone In The Field Of Electricity.”

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Electricity And Its Relationship With Technology

Imagine, tired of the usual chaotic world, you decide to take a break and wander into the neighbouring woods to seek solace. After  a few minutes of continuous walking, you realize that you have lost track and cannot find the way back home. There is nothing with you apart from your wallet and phone. Yes, … Continue reading “Electricity And Its Relationship With Technology”

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How To Save Electricity In This Party Month

It’s December, the month of celebrations and festivities. People all across the globe celebrate Christmas and 31st night with parties that stretch up to the early hours of morning. While everyone makes a fool-proof party plan, they seldom pay attention to the amount of electricity they use and the amount of energy that goes waste. … Continue reading “How To Save Electricity In This Party Month”

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Innovative Lighting Solutions For Children

With television channels exclusively coming up with children shows and little boys getting addicted to every new video game in the store, putting children to bed has become all the more tiresome. Though, technology has always been favorable to mankind, it has brought major changes to the way we think and live. Chasing technology man … Continue reading “Innovative Lighting Solutions For Children”

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Gravity Powered Energy Lights

Technological development and its subsequent changes to ones lifestyle has led to the exploitation of fossil fuels for centuries. Though, humans have turned to renewable resources to suffice the growing need for power, the demand for energy is immensely increasing with every new day. At a time when solar, wind and hydroelectricity come up with … Continue reading “Gravity Powered Energy Lights”

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Wireless Electricity – The Modern Electricity Transmission System

Do you forget your charger most of the times? Do you think too many wires and cords make your life miserable? Do you wish for wireless technology for electricity that could charge your phones and laptops instantly? If your answer is yes to all these above questions, then we have a good news for you. … Continue reading “Wireless Electricity – The Modern Electricity Transmission System”

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Right To Equality, Right Way To Live

We at Polycab, are blessed to have considerate employees who love to share. The content below features one of our employee sharing his opinion regarding ‘Right to equality to one and all’. In the year 2013, I saw 3 boys and and 2 girls playing near a signal in one of the metro cities. Their … Continue reading “Right To Equality, Right Way To Live”

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Let Immortal Be Thy Life

In spite of our regular hectic schedules, we at Polycab encourage everyone to read as it is a source of wealth which only multiplies but never gets exhausted. While reading, we came across a wonderful fiction which really moved us. As we do with all our wealth, knowledge and joy, we thought to share even … Continue reading “Let Immortal Be Thy Life”

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Energy Saving Tips For Winter

When the cool breeze makes you shiver and the warmth of the sun pierces through the clouds just to show its mere existence, then you know that winter is near. The on-set of the winter season has always been blissful. However, the one thing which affects most of the households is the increase in electricity … Continue reading “Energy Saving Tips For Winter”

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Why Is Growth Essential?

Growth is a part and parcel of human life. All of us are prone to grow and develop during the course of life. As we grow, we learn new things and are introduced to better ideas and concepts that make our life simpler, better and more productive. We learn that life is not just about … Continue reading “Why Is Growth Essential?”

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Opening of Polycab's 26th Branch across India at Ranchi

Polycab has opened its 26th office on Harbhu Road for serving people of Jharkhand with a focused approach!

Polycab celebrated Electrician Day across the country

December 15, 2017 was a special day for #Polycab as we have celebrated #ElectricianDay across the country!

Polycab organised a Mega Meet in Chennai

The event was organised for rewarding achievements in the field of sales. This included a lucky draw with few ...

Polycab organised Blood Donation Camp at Indore

Committed to CSR activities, Polycab has recently organised a blood donation camp on 15th ...
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