What Makes Polycab Different From Other Brands?

From advanced weapons to an artificial substitute for the heart, we live in a time, where everything has a replacement. Although, every product can be duplicated and replicated in terms of its functionality, it is the quality of its performance and functioning that makes a difference. There are many wires and cables in the market … Continue reading “What Makes Polycab Different From Other Brands?”

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Why Polycab Wires Are Safer For Your Homes?

Go to an electrical shop and ask the retailer to suggest a few electrical wire brands that are suitable for both residential and commercial purpose. The retailer will suggest a few brands to you and one of them would surely be Polycab Electrical Wires. Reading the word ‘Polycab’ you may associate it with the brand’s … Continue reading “Why Polycab Wires Are Safer For Your Homes?”

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Saving Energy in Office

There are various ways of saving energy at home. However, when it comes to businesses the same tactics cannot be followed as every single individual in the organization needs to support the plan. Energy can be easily saved, if people feel the need to save energy and realize its importance and influence on others around … Continue reading “Saving Energy in Office”

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History Of The Cable Wire

History is fascinating because it enlightens us about our origins. Like everything in this world, the cable wire also has a history and an interesting one at that. Today, we are connected because of wires. It won’t be incorrect to state that the wires bind the whole world together. Let us have a look at … Continue reading “History Of The Cable Wire”

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Life Begins With A Single Cord

Sacrificing her life, she moves on cheerfully doing her daily chores with as much attention and love, simply to give the best to her children. Thinking never about herself and thinks only of her children’s happiness, a mother makes every decision without taking into note her personal interests. Her thoughts always revolve around the well-being … Continue reading “Life Begins With A Single Cord”

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Solar Cables Simplified

The search for alternate energy led the world to explore solar energy. Once the discovery was made, it needed to be channelized for optimal usage. Solar cables are instrumental in connecting the solar panels and other components. The solar industry is growing and solar cables being a vital part of the industry are in great … Continue reading “Solar Cables Simplified”

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Saving Energy In the Kitchen

Soaring energy bills is directly linked to energy consumption. The greater the use, the higher would be the bills. Reducing the consumption may not always help in saving energy. With our energy saving series, we at Polycab, aim to educate people on the preventive measures that can help save electricity.  The use of some appliances … Continue reading “Saving Energy In the Kitchen”

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Simple Ways To Save Electricity During Summer

Summer is that time of the year, when temperatures soar high and so does our energy bills. Although, having a control over the external temperature may not be possible, but one can definitely keep a tab on their energy bills by making wise use of the available resources. Below are some tips, which will help … Continue reading “Simple Ways To Save Electricity During Summer”

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Saving Energy In Bathrooms

When it comes to implementing effective energy saving solutions, people go for living rooms and bedrooms, totally ignoring the most important room in a household i.e. the bathroom. Bathrooms are a place not to be avoided as they waste more energy than you think. The unlit lamps in the basin and the unplugged hair-dryers increase … Continue reading “Saving Energy In Bathrooms”

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Living Around Gadgets

Imagine you reach home one fine afternoon exhausted after shopping, in the hot sun. It is terribly hot, you walk to switch board to switch on the fan, suddenly you realise there is no fan in the house. You turn to switch on the air conditioner; you do not have that too. Shocked you drag … Continue reading “Living Around Gadgets”

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Opening of Polycab's 26th Branch across India at Ranchi

Polycab has opened its 26th office on Harbhu Road for serving people of Jharkhand with a focused approach!

Polycab celebrated Electrician Day across the country

December 15, 2017 was a special day for #Polycab as we have celebrated #ElectricianDay across the country!

Polycab organised a Mega Meet in Chennai

The event was organised for rewarding achievements in the field of sales. This included a lucky draw with few ...

Polycab organised Blood Donation Camp at Indore

Committed to CSR activities, Polycab has recently organised a blood donation camp on 15th ...
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