Use Quality Solar Cables For Your Solar Systems

After exploiting the exhaustible resources for centuries, man has now set his eyes on the inexhaustible source of nature’s free form of energy. Solar energy works as the only vital option which is eco-friendly and is more productive than other forms of energy. Since, the last decade there has been an increase in the use … Continue reading “Use Quality Solar Cables For Your Solar Systems”

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Importance Of Armoured Cables

Armoured cables are generally used for underground wiring. However, even buildings are now installed with permanent armoured wires which are buried in the ground or exposed. Available in single and multi-conductor cables, armoured cable are power cables which comprise of two or more electric conductors which are enveloped in a protective sheath. The cable derives … Continue reading “Importance Of Armoured Cables”

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Safety Measures For Controlling Electrical Fire Accidents

Fire accidents happen now and then. Staying protected and alert is the only way of getting this scary situation under control. Flickering lights, worn-out cords, faulty wires, overloaded electric outlets, scorch marks on electric outlets and plugs are all indications of irregular flow of electricity which may result in electric fire accidents. Instead of panicking … Continue reading “Safety Measures For Controlling Electrical Fire Accidents”

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Different Types of Cables And Its Use

  There are many types of cables available in the market. However, the functioning of cables differs from cable to cable and not all cables serve the same purpose. Generally, electric cables are made with at least two copper or aluminum conducting wires along with an outer protective sheath. High power cables usually consist of … Continue reading “Different Types of Cables And Its Use”

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How To Inspect Cables

Before inspecting cables, check for its brand and its quality. If the cables are of inferior quality then ample protection and durability can definitely not be expected off it. When it comes to electrical installations always choose branded cables and wires as they promise superior quality and extreme protection. Moreover, due to a superior quality, … Continue reading “How To Inspect Cables”

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Difference Between Wires And Cables

People usually get confused describing the functions of wires and cables and often end up naming one for the other. Although, professionals know and understand the operational functions of wires and cables, they often give a blank expression when it comes to defining one of them. As an attempt to put an end to this … Continue reading “Difference Between Wires And Cables”

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Flow Chart – The Cable Manufacturing Process

To untrained individuals, wires may appear as a simple electrical commodity. However, it is the sincere dedication and experience of professionals that allows efficient functioning of electrical equipments through proper energy transmission. The cables you see in the market and those that light your homes were not created in a single day. It is the … Continue reading “Flow Chart – The Cable Manufacturing Process”

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Construction Of HT Cables

If HT cables are cut diagonally in the middle and observed through naked eyes, the internal body of the cable would appear as follows- At first look, one may find three huge strands of copper or aluminum conductors supported by PVC fillers. However, when acutely observed, one would find the aluminum conductors first insulated with … Continue reading “Construction Of HT Cables”

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Handling And Storage Of Polycab Cables

Damage to cables can occur due to incorrect handling which the drums and cables may be subjected to; causing breakdown of the drum flanges and in exceptional cases, movement of the drum barrel takes place. Once this break down of the drum occurs, the cable is immediately exposed to damage. Cables damaged during handling & … Continue reading “Handling And Storage Of Polycab Cables”

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Laying Of Polycab Cables

Prior to installation the following should be checked, to ensure safety during cable installation.  The cable selected is proper for designed application. The cable has not been damaged in transit or storage. The cable should be inspected to check for damages and the same should be informed to the local electricity authority. Mechanical stresses during … Continue reading “Laying Of Polycab Cables”

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Launching Polycab's ‘Green Wire’
Polycab, India’s largest cable and wire manufacturer has recently launched an eco-friendly product ‘Green Wire’ at Kochi, Kerala.

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