Laying Of Polycab Cables

Prior to installation the following should be checked, to ensure safety during cable installation.  The cable selected is proper for designed application. The cable has not been damaged in transit or storage. The cable should be inspected to check for damages and the same should be informed to the local electricity authority. Mechanical stresses during … Continue reading “Laying Of Polycab Cables”

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Difference Between Earthed And Unearthed System

Earthed System : In the initial years, generators and transformers had a capacity of only a few MVA and hence, the fault current was also less. The star point or neutral point was solidly grounded and this is what is known as the earthed system. In this system if an earth fault occurs on any of the … Continue reading “Difference Between Earthed And Unearthed System”

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Flame Retardant Low Smoke Cables

Fire is one of the most dangerous element’s which results in adverse loss of money and resources. There have been many fire-accidents in the past due to the corrosive fumes and flickering fire of the cables. Electrical engineers involved in generation, transmission and utilization of electricity, observed the behavior of ordinary cables in highly flammable … Continue reading “Flame Retardant Low Smoke Cables”

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Manufacturing Process At Polycab

Born in the heart of Mumbai, the Polycab group is known for their supreme quality cables and wires. From a small retailing outlet, Polycab has grown to become one of the finest brands in just 40 years. Polycab wires and cables have evolved from time-to-time in terms of both function and quality.  Polycab provides a … Continue reading “Manufacturing Process At Polycab”

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3 Things Every Architect Must Know About Choosing The Right Wires

A recurrent dilemma often faced by architects while going about their job is choosing the most accurate electrical wires. The larger the amperage of the wires, the more heat it will create, which might cause the melting of the wire’s insulation. The heat that runs through bare wires increases the chances of an electrical fire … Continue reading “3 Things Every Architect Must Know About Choosing The Right Wires”

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Welcome Selene And Cleta From The Polycab Family

  “It All Begins Here…”  The world knows Polycab as an exclusive manufacture of cables and wires. However, we know the world through the love and support of our customers who have endlessly appreciated our work. Four decades ago, Polycab lit up the lanes and by-lanes of Mumbai and today, it illuminates almost the entire … Continue reading “Welcome Selene And Cleta From The Polycab Family”

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5 Little Known Ways of Saving Electricity

There are various tried and tested methods of saving electricity which fill the internet. However, the below mentioned tips are simple and easy to implement. Make sure you use them to reduce the burden on the environment. When it comes to cooking, use a microwave instead of a regular stove as it cooks faster and … Continue reading “5 Little Known Ways of Saving Electricity”

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Copper v/s Aluminum Wires – What’s better?

With furnishing and renovations, installing new appliances and repairing old electric boards become a priority. Although, both copper and aluminum are good conductors of electricity. Aluminum is mostly preferred in industrial areas whereas copper is most recommended for house-hold applications. So which one is better, copper or aluminum wiring? Read the below information to discover … Continue reading “Copper v/s Aluminum Wires – What’s better?”

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Polycab is one of the largest and most known Wire and Cable manufacturer in India with a proven track record of over three decades. It is also recognised as one of the fastest growing Indian cable company with proven consistent results all over the years. We at Polycab believe in ensuring customer satisfaction at all … Continue reading “POLYCAB GUIDELINES FOR SELECTION OF CABLES”

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Advantages Of Polycab Cables And Selection Of Cables

Certain things are meant to stand the test of times and quite literally. Cables and wires being one of these. With its consistent quality and ready availability, POLYCAB with its wide range of cables and wires has managed to become one of the largest Wire and Cable manufacturer in India. Being pioneers in their field, … Continue reading “Advantages Of Polycab Cables And Selection Of Cables”

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Opening of Polycab's 26th Branch across India at Ranchi

Polycab has opened its 26th office on Harbhu Road for serving people of Jharkhand with a focused approach!

Polycab celebrated Electrician Day across the country

December 15, 2017 was a special day for #Polycab as we have celebrated #ElectricianDay across the country!

Polycab organised a Mega Meet in Chennai

The event was organised for rewarding achievements in the field of sales. This included a lucky draw with few ...

Polycab organised Blood Donation Camp at Indore

Committed to CSR activities, Polycab has recently organised a blood donation camp on 15th ...
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