About Polycab

Polycab is a leading company in the electrical industry with a glorious track record of over 4 decades. It has the reputation of being the fastest growing company in the Indian Cable sector. At Polycab, we believe that our competitive edge lies in product innovation as well as superior quality and ready availability. Our Daman and Halol manufacturing facilities were created to address these specific needs. Our manufacturing set-up is state-of-the art, from world renowned suppliers of machinery and technology.

At Polycab, we constantly strive to bring greater happiness to our customers through best in class products and services. We at Polycab understand the importance of both aesthetics and performance. Polycab has crossed Rs. 5300 Crore turnover and is set to achieve newer benchmarks in the coming decade. In an on-going process to improve Customer satisfaction, Polycab offers a variety of services:

Polycab derives its strengths from its customers. The growth of the latter is a prerequisite to the growth of the company and hence customer satisfaction is its prime objective. Over the years sincere service and dedication of its customers has earned the company distinguished clientele & consultants which includes leaders in sectors like Utilities, Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Petroleum & Oil Refineries, OEM’s, EPC contractors, Steel & Metal, Cement, Chemical, Atomic Energy & Nuclear Power, etc. Polycab has highly experienced, qualified and dedicated professionals with strong adherence to the quality management system. Polycab has offices all over the country and also has a wide network of authorised distributors and dealers to cater to all the customer segments in India and abroad.

Today Polycab has entered into several consumer facing business such as fans, switches, Lighting, Switchgears etc, as part of its ambition to move from a pure B2B to B2C.

From modest beginnings with Cables & Wires over forty years ago, Polycab now boasts annual revenue of approximately a billion dollars. Polycab derives its strength from its customers. The growth of the later is a pre-requisite to the growth of the company and hence, customer satisfaction is Polycab’s prime objective. Service and dedication towards customers, has earned the company its distinguished clientele & contractors, steel & metal, cement, chemical, atomic energy & nuclear power etc.

The company has highly experienced and qualified set of professionals, with strong adherence to the quality management system.Polycab has offices across the country, with a wide network of authorized distributors and dealers to cater to every customer segment in India.

Inder T Jaisinghani


Our vision at Polycab is to inspire people to innovate continuously and provide greater value to all our customers. It is with this strong belief that we have set out on an ambitious task of achieving a revenue of 10000+ crore in the coming decade.

We have revamped our brand architecture and we have a new promise that truly brings to life Polycab’s place in people’s minds - ‘Connection Zindagi Ka’. This is not just a statement but is a reflection of how we connect with our consumers.

It is the unconditional support of all our customers and sales partners that have made our journey so fruitful and fulfilling. Thanks to you all, we have left no stone unturned to make this journey an exciting and memorable one, during these four decades.

Today the size of the electrical industry is 33000 crore. The coming years are exciting for all of us. We will have to cross many milestones and challenges in a highly competitive market that is going to be as large as 1, 00,000 crore by 2020.

Sectors driving demand for cables and wires are slated to grow fast. About $ 1 trillion USD investment is expected in the infrastructure and manufacturing in the coming years. Renewable energy too presents a wide range of opportunities, with a 175GW commitment by 2022.

As we gear up for the future, we have established our well-recognized market presence with a strong product portfolio. We have also streamlined our efficient manufacturing capabilities to withstand the winds of change. However, we are aware that we will need to be even more proactive, agile and customer centric. We would seek to own the entire electrical ecosystem. Today we have a diversified and a wide range of portfolio spanning Lighting, Luminaires, Switches, Switchgear, Electric Fans and Appliances.

Our flexibility and openness to new market trends and changing technology continue to be our driving force. The core values of teamwork, trust amongst people and customer focus have given us a unique position in the Indian industry.

I am confident that this will keep us ahead and winning in our endeavour to be the preferred brand in this market. We pledge to improve each day to serve you better.

Group Polycab