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Polycab Fans

When the scorching summer heat is creating discomfort to you, you can’t imagine living your days without fans. Though an AC seems a more efficient weapon to beat the heat, we just can’t skip a sudden hike in our electricity bills due to it. Also, nowadays, ceiling fans are also becoming more efficient thanks to technological advancements.

Now, you may ask the question: Is there any fan that will keep you cool in these harsh summers while keeping electric bills low?

Well, Polycab fans offer the best panacea while serving both these objectives. Be it a table fan, ceiling fan, or a wall fan, you can certainly reduce your electricity expenditure with the company’s quality products that integrate the latest technology and engineering advancement to enhance efficiency.

Polycab Fans, a specialized brand for fans, ensures to deliver happiness and rejuvenation with the energy-conserving products. We have modish and elegant collections with a glossy and contemporary range of fans that are ideal for every weather condition. From Pedestal to the ceiling fans we have it all! The fans have the perfect airflow and can save the energy. While the company is taking care of these aspects, the design part has also not be ignored. You will certainly become a fan of the variety of options we offer keeping requirements and choice of our customers in mind.

Buying a fan that meets your needs is always a struggle additional to find the place where it is to be fitted. There are several factors affecting it, namely- a type of fan, budget involved, a number of blades, motor speed, power consumption, the material of the body, size, weight, blade pitch, the number of speed settings, automatic features (if any) etc. Depending upon your requirements and the aforesaid factors, you can opt for ceiling fans, wall fans, table fans, exhaust fans, multipurpose fans etc.

Ceiling fans: Size, speed, and blade pitch calculates the best ceiling fans. Polycab fans offer a wide range and also provide loads of variants in the same range. Purchasing a ceiling fan for your porch is not the same as purchasing one for your living room. It is because each location is exposed to unique weather elements, which can affect the performance and life of a fan.

Wall fans: Wall fans are fixed on the wall and make a rotation of fewer than 180 degrees to evenly distribute the air. The wall fan is preferable for small rooms as it can work well there. They are easy-to-control and mount on the wall.

Pedestal fans: Pedestal/table fans are meant to keep on the table or over the surface at the same height at which you are working, to provide you the unrestricted air flow. They can also be carried from one place to the other, thereby allowing the mobility as per the need of air circulation. They stand on a durable basis, offer adjustable height, and are lightweight.

Multipurpose fans: Polycab also offers the multipurpose fans that can be used as either a wall fan or a table fan as the fan is equipped with the specialized tilting system. As they can be served as 2-in-1, they are preferable for small places where different types of movements are common.

Polycab company provides the minimum one year of warranty for every fan that further strengthens the customer’s trust in the product’s quality. They offer the best designer fans at the affordable rates with an energy-saving attribute, which make them the choice of millions.

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