Ways we carelessly waste electricity!

There are a lot of ways we are wasting electricity in our houses, without even realizing. A lot of people think that a device when plugged in and not being used is not using any electricity. But you are wrong.

These devices are just cranking up your electricity bill without you even know it. Not just that there a lot of other ways you’re wasting electricity, let’s have a look and maybe you can change your lazy habits and save yourself some money.

Overnight over charging

Happens to the most of us, we underestimate the ability of our chargers and our phones. We think they need more than 8 hours to get to 100%, well most of us are wrong. This overnight charging can damage your phone but apart from that, it’s going to hike your bill since it’s going to be switched on and plugged in the whole night. So to save electricity, maybe charge your phone before going to bed or after you’re up the next morning to save your pocket from going 100% empty.

Standing in front of the fridge.

We all absolutely love spending time in front of the refrigerator trying to figure out what to eat or just enjoy the cold air for a little bit and this practice is repeated multiple times in the day. We all need to understand that food will not automatically appear in the fridge the more we open it. This practice leads to a lot of wastage of electricity.

Switching on the Geyser 20 minutes before a shower-

We all have instant geysers fitted in our house and even if you don’t have an instant geyser it doesn’t take more than five minutes for the water to heat up. This needs to stop. If you switch on the geyser just before going in for your shower also, you’re going to get hot water.

Keeping the laptop plugged in at work/home –

A laptop needs a decent amount of charging and after that it can be unplugged and used. But often be it at work or at home we keep the laptop plugged in while we use it. The laptop will work without all that extra charging. So next time the battery of your laptop is 100% make sure you unplug it and use that laptop the way it’s name suggests.

For many this maybe an eye opener with regards to how much energy is wasted but for the rest who add to this wastage, make sure you switch off. It’s just as easy as switching it on.

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