April, 2013

Be More Cautious While Choosing Electrical Essentials

Have you ever wondered why most people prefer to rush to the local market in spite of big boutiques offering great discounts? The reason lies in the trend of pricing. Boutique collection obviously costs more than the things available in the local market and many think it as an expense than an investment. Although, clothes … Continue reading “Be More Cautious While Choosing Electrical Essentials”

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The Secret Behind Fuse Blow-out Deciphered

Imagine, there’s a lavish party in your home with peppy music and bright glittering evening lights. Children are playing hide and seek, the adults are dancing to their favourite numbers and the old are gossiping about their favourite television serials. All of a sudden, there’s a crackling sound, which emerges from some an enclosure and … Continue reading “The Secret Behind Fuse Blow-out Deciphered”

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Warning Signs That Confirm Electrical Danger

Electrical danger can be effectively avoided by using quality power equipment and maintaining the same. There are various ways to prevent the hazards that provoke fire breakouts in electrical systems. Below are some tell-tale signs of electrical danger, which shout out for your attention.   Frequent fuse blow outs-   Frequent fuse blow outs and … Continue reading “Warning Signs That Confirm Electrical Danger”

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Extension Cord Safety Tips

A house is a happy place to live in, if it is devoid of any accidents or damages. Mentioned below are a few tips, which will make the daily functioning of your house simpler and faster, leaving no chances of any damage or accidents.   –        You as a customer should always follow the manufacturer’s … Continue reading “Extension Cord Safety Tips”

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6 Electrical Mistakes You Should Avoid

Buying a new home or bringing about certain renovations in your current home is bound to be accompanied by a lot of changes and chaos. However, make sure you pay attention to all the minute aspects, by avoiding the following wiring mistakes, which if not tended to, can lead to short circuits, electrocution and sometimes … Continue reading “6 Electrical Mistakes You Should Avoid”

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How To Help People Survive An Electrical Accident

Electrical accidents are extremely unpredictable. They can occur at anytime, anyplace. As responsible adults, we must be careful and alert at all times, to save ourselves and our loved ones from mishaps that could occur due to electrical failures. Below are a few tips that can help one survive and come out a winner in … Continue reading “How To Help People Survive An Electrical Accident”

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Make The Most Of Your Air Conditioners This Summer

Air conditioners are a must during summers and with the increasing oppressive heat, it has become more of a necessity in every household. If maintained efficiently, air conditioners can perform smoothly for a longer period of time, without breaking down. Below are some tips, which would help you make the most of your air conditioners. … Continue reading “Make The Most Of Your Air Conditioners This Summer”

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Is Your Home Safe?

If someone asked you, ‘is your home safe’, then you would say yes without blinking an eyelid. However, your home may not be as safe as you may think. Cleanliness, hygiene, environment and efficient functioning of appliances alone cannot determine the safety of your home. There are many known and unknown factors, which make your … Continue reading “Is Your Home Safe?”

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What Is The Message Behind Polycab’s “Safe Raho. Save Karo” tagline?

When Polycab came with its first innovative TVC campaign, it baffled the world with its chaotic representation of the safest place – a home. There were mixed reviews and some individuals were unable to digest the fact, that how could a family lead such a normal life, amidst such bizarre and chaotic conditions? However, Polycab … Continue reading “What Is The Message Behind Polycab’s “Safe Raho. Save Karo” tagline?”

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Different Ways Of Reducing Your Electricity Bills

With the development of technology, the use of electricity has considerably increased. People now totally depend on electricity to fulfill their daily needs and this has led to the unbalanced distribution of natural resources. Although, people do enjoy the luxuries that come along with energy consumption, many suffer, when the bills come to their door-step. … Continue reading “Different Ways Of Reducing Your Electricity Bills”

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