June, 2013

Bicycle Brake Cables

Everyone who has rode bikes and bicycles before would surely know the importance of brake wires. Riding a bicycle with faulty brake wires can be more fatal than anything else. Quality brakes are more controllable and respond positively which can make a major difference to your riding experience. It is fascinating that the first prevalent … Continue reading “Bicycle Brake Cables”

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Superheroes – A Tribute To The Real Men

When calamity strikes us unaware and the whole nation grieves on the loss, he with his brave heart takes control. Blessed with generosity and kindness, he is independent yet bound by a mission. Measuring the mountains with his footsteps, he lays silently watching the movements of his predators. Committed to serve the nation and protecting … Continue reading “Superheroes – A Tribute To The Real Men”

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Switch Gear Cables – Why Do We Need Them?

‘Switch gear cables’ – Have you heard them before? If you haven’t, and don’t have much knowledge about them, then this post is for you. Before we proceed with switch gear cables, it is important to know what switch gears are and how they help regulate electricity. Switch gear refers to electrical devices which help … Continue reading “Switch Gear Cables – Why Do We Need Them?”

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SY, CY And YY Cables

Yesterday, we had a detailed discussion on what are control cables and their uses. Today, we will learn in-depth about SY, CY and YY cables which are the basic types of control cables. If you don’t know what are control cables, then kindly read our previous post titled – “What Are Control Cables?” dated 24 … Continue reading “SY, CY And YY Cables”

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What Are Control Cables?

Hello friends, good to see you back. Today, we will learn about control cables and their types. Control cables are not new to us, since we are surrounded by equipment and machines regularly. All major electrical equipment have control cables installed in them. Control cables are flexible instrumentation cables which are mostly used for automation … Continue reading “What Are Control Cables?”

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Polycab’s Knowledge Academy

In today’s modern world, we are surrounded by some of the latest and best technology and equipment. Everyone is quite aware of the fact that all this equipment runs on electricity. Apart from this, most people are not even aware about which cords and engines their devices use. Our awareness about electrical equipment is very … Continue reading “Polycab’s Knowledge Academy”

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Would You Like a Cuppa Coffee?

Coffee! Well, who doesn’t enjoy it? The aroma of freshly-brewed coffee is so amazing that it captivates both your mind and your taste-buds. Leaving you feeling revitalized, a cup of coffee can make your gloomy mornings turn sunny and full of life. Whether you are a lover of Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Caffè Latte or Mocha … Continue reading “Would You Like a Cuppa Coffee?”

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What If Telecommunication Did Not Exist?

Reading the title of this blog, you may wonder if we are here to start a debate on the effects of mobile phones and Internet on our lives. Sorry to disappoint you. This blog has some factual information about the cables used in the telecommunication sector. Almost everyone knows what a telephone is, how it … Continue reading “What If Telecommunication Did Not Exist?”

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The Plenum World

The plenum cable is a amazing revolutionary product in the field of electrical and telecommunication applications. Plenum is generally referred to as the open space above a building’s dropped ceiling. Most of the time, that space is used for air circulation. The space is also utilised for telephone and network cables. The cables used in … Continue reading “The Plenum World”

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The Journey Of Transformers Begins

Type the word “transformers” in your favourite search engine, and the first few results would be displayed for the blockbuster movie of the same name. Don’t blame the search engine for the confusion, as the robots in the movie have earned a bigger reputation and fan-following, than the actual transformers that serve our regular needs. … Continue reading “The Journey Of Transformers Begins”

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