September, 2013

Domestico Lights For A Brighter Life

In our day to day life, lights play a very important role. A home without light is like a life full of darkness. To have a clear view, it is very important to have good quality lights around. Right from searching for a lost possession to reading news papers, we need quality lighting for every … Continue reading “Domestico Lights For A Brighter Life”

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Welcome To The World Of Planet G

A light is not a light, if it does not spread happiness to the people who use it. People often worry about high electricity bills and to compensate for the same, they end up cutting down amenities which lead to a discomfort lifestyle. Energy scarcity has been a major problem all over the world, especially … Continue reading “Welcome To The World Of Planet G”

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Is It Necessary To Follow Electrical Codes ?

Codes are not only important for life but for wires too. The electrical wiring systems in and around your homes can only be safe if they abide the existing electrical safety codes in your area. There exists a defined set of laws for electrical wiring which many of us are not aware of. Designed to … Continue reading “Is It Necessary To Follow Electrical Codes ?”

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Understanding The Functioning Of Cellphone Towers

From the top businessmen to the roadside beggar, everyone has a cellphone now. With the increasing sales of cell phones, it became necessary to increase the number of mobile towers in every city to enhance the connectivity factor. Though, many keep themselves updated with the new innovations in cellphones, they don’t even know how a … Continue reading “Understanding The Functioning Of Cellphone Towers”

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Exploring Haulers – The Giant Machine

Earlier, we explored many ordinary and some complex machines and their mechanism in the “world of machines” section. Today, we will explore one of the mightiest machines which has continued to win people’s love and admiration. Technology’s advancement can be credited for the number of machines we use in our daily lives. Making us marvel … Continue reading “Exploring Haulers – The Giant Machine”

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Wiring Life. Wiring Technologies

  The world of technology is evolving at a faster pace than before. Though, humans have been adapting themselves to the ever-transforming world, their body often seems reluctant to embrace constant lifestyle changes. A cure for many deadly diseases has surely been found. However, the number of diseases in various segments has also increased considerably … Continue reading “Wiring Life. Wiring Technologies”

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Functioning Of An ATM System

Invented by John Shepherd-Baron and Donald Wetzel, The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) can be termed as one of the most important inventions in today’s fast-paced life. With the ability to provide fresh notes of various denomination in an instant, it has revolutionised the way we see and value our money. Over time, the concept of … Continue reading “Functioning Of An ATM System”

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Our Journey So Far

Polycab has emerged as one of the leading brands in India and we pass on the credit for this to you. For without your support, we wouldn’t have been able to create such an impact on the wiring industry. Frankly speaking, blogging has never been the best of our interests. However, lately things began to … Continue reading “Our Journey So Far”

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Insulation Matters The Most

Recently, there was a fire accident in one of the neighbourhoods. The investigation revealed that the cause of fire accidents was power leakage through one of the wires in a kitchen. Although, the news achieved immense limelight and many social and political enthusiasts gave their hearts to the victims, the real cause of the accident … Continue reading “Insulation Matters The Most”

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Only Quality Electrical Cables Can Keep Your Home Safe

No matter where we live and what we are, we all head towards our homes when its time to rewind and relax. For most of us, home is where the heart is as we feel safe and secure in our own private world. But, what if your home isn’t as safe as you think? You … Continue reading “Only Quality Electrical Cables Can Keep Your Home Safe”

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