December, 2013

Skip Electric Chargers. Switch To Solar Chargers Instead

We are surrounded by energy and the sun continues to be the prime source of it. While some of us have installed solar panels and use equipment that function using solar energy, we still use less than1 percent of the total energy we receive from the sun. Though using solar energy has its very own … Continue reading “Skip Electric Chargers. Switch To Solar Chargers Instead”

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Smart Ways To Cut Down On Energy Bills This Winter

The researchers have observed a daily growth in our lifestyle because of the development of technology, invention of new products and our increasing demands. To keep up with this pace of changing lifestyle, it is very important to earn a decent amount and cut down on unwanted products and bills. We have come up with … Continue reading “Smart Ways To Cut Down On Energy Bills This Winter”

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We Are Present In Every Child’s Dream

A group of kids from a recognized school were asked about their ambitions and what they aspired to be when they grew up. Their answers were unexpected and surprisingly very smart for their age. Maybe the use of internet and availability of information at just a click away, has exposed them to the various career … Continue reading “We Are Present In Every Child’s Dream”

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The Triboelectric Effect – A Milestone In The Field Of Electricity.

Have you ever experienced a sudden electric shock when your hands rub against the hands of another person? This must have left you wondering how is that possible? Where does this sudden electric shock come from? Well, the answer lies within you. We have heard that every action has a reaction. In the same way, … Continue reading “The Triboelectric Effect – A Milestone In The Field Of Electricity.”

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Electricity And Its Relationship With Technology

Imagine, tired of the usual chaotic world, you decide to take a break and wander into the neighbouring woods to seek solace. After  a few minutes of continuous walking, you realize that you have lost track and cannot find the way back home. There is nothing with you apart from your wallet and phone. Yes, … Continue reading “Electricity And Its Relationship With Technology”

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How To Save Electricity In This Party Month

It’s December, the month of celebrations and festivities. People all across the globe celebrate Christmas and 31st night with parties that stretch up to the early hours of morning. While everyone makes a fool-proof party plan, they seldom pay attention to the amount of electricity they use and the amount of energy that goes waste. … Continue reading “How To Save Electricity In This Party Month”

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Innovative Lighting Solutions For Children

With television channels exclusively coming up with children shows and little boys getting addicted to every new video game in the store, putting children to bed has become all the more tiresome. Though, technology has always been favorable to mankind, it has brought major changes to the way we think and live. Chasing technology man … Continue reading “Innovative Lighting Solutions For Children”

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Gravity Powered Energy Lights

Technological development and its subsequent changes to ones lifestyle has led to the exploitation of fossil fuels for centuries. Though, humans have turned to renewable resources to suffice the growing need for power, the demand for energy is immensely increasing with every new day. At a time when solar, wind and hydroelectricity come up with … Continue reading “Gravity Powered Energy Lights”

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