February, 2014

Energy Consumption In Metro Cities Of India

Electricity is one of the best invention in the history of mankind. In today’s date, especially in metro cities, everything totally depends on electricity. 90% of the work in general, requires electricity for its completion. People are so accustomed to living in an environment that is constantly charged with electricity, that it is now difficult … Continue reading “Energy Consumption In Metro Cities Of India”

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From Coal To Steam – The Journey Of Flatiron

‘First impression is the last impression’ is a quote we all are familiar with. Though we all say that it is the heart that matters the most, we all tend to judge people on their appearance. The clothes and the accessories that we wear speaks volumes about our personality and preferences. Irrespective of the personality, … Continue reading “From Coal To Steam – The Journey Of Flatiron”

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The Rise Of The Washing Machines

These days in almost each and every house, washing machines are used on a daily basis. It has reduced the work of every woman and has saved a lot of time and energy. With our hectic work schedules relying on washing machines has become the ultimate solution for cleaning clothes. With maids taking leaves and … Continue reading “The Rise Of The Washing Machines”

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Journey Of Clock – From Tic-toc To Digital

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Time is money”. Following his advice, at this age, we all are investing time as money. Because we know how important it is to our lives. While most of us are caught in a rat race, chasing time to accomplish things that boost our social status and self esteem, we need … Continue reading “Journey Of Clock – From Tic-toc To Digital”

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Refrigerators Then And Now

Any drink that is cold seems divine on a scorching summer heat. Though the drink itself doesn’t create the magic, it is its chilled aspect that leverage the value of the drink. Refrigeration is not a new technique. It has been existent since the 19th century when an ice box – the first appliance for … Continue reading “Refrigerators Then And Now”

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Keeping Pace With Artificial Intelligence

With new technologies incepting every fortnight and the machines evolving to meet up with its pace, the world of machine has become as vast as the universe. Since the early days, humans have been scientifically inclined individuals who observed and learnt the intricacies of the elements that surrounded them. Using the same knowledge, they performed … Continue reading “Keeping Pace With Artificial Intelligence”

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Hello Hello, Then And Now!

Yes, you got it right! We are going to talk about mobile phones then and now. How a ‘Hello’ has changed to ‘Hey! whats up?’, as the technology has changed from Motorola’s Dyna TAC 8000X to iPhone 5s. Today, life seems impossible without our cell phones. Mobile phones are not just limited to calling one … Continue reading “Hello Hello, Then And Now!”

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Surgical Robots – Robots That Save Life

Robots are of different kinds and each fall into a different category as per their use and specifications. While we have explored different kinds of robots in our ‘World of machines’ section, the one aspect of the robots that we have not touched so far is the ones that save our lives. So this week, … Continue reading “Surgical Robots – Robots That Save Life”

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