April, 2014

Charge Your Phone Over A Cup Of Coffee / Cold Lemonade

Imagine, you are out with your friends on a camp and there is no source of electricity. Your phone’s battery is about to die and all you have is a cup of hot coffee in your hand. In such a situation, you would surely curse yourself for not carrying a pair of extra batteries or … Continue reading “Charge Your Phone Over A Cup Of Coffee / Cold Lemonade”

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Experience Delight In Every Sip With Press Coffee Machines

Who doesn’t like a freshly brewed cup of coffee? It has a life of its own. With a delicate aroma that tinges your senses, they hold a story that is meant to be explored. A cup of coffee is not merely a beverage. It is a magic that awakes you to the beauty of life. … Continue reading “Experience Delight In Every Sip With Press Coffee Machines”

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Embrace Green Lighting Solutions : Solar Lamps

Electricity crisis is not a new issue in India. Though projects have been developed and new initiatives have been made to suppress the issue, people all across India still continue to face electrical problems that disrupt their daily activities. The situation is more grave in rural areas as the distribution of electricity is uncertain. Even … Continue reading “Embrace Green Lighting Solutions : Solar Lamps”

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A Revolutionary Device To Save Water – WaterPebble

People often say, “Save water to save our planet”, “There are people dying because of lack of water”, “Save water to save our society”, and so on. Saving water has become a necessity in today’s date, because the above sentences speak the truth. Most of the water gets wasted when we bathe for long hours … Continue reading “A Revolutionary Device To Save Water – WaterPebble”

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Vote To Save Our Sinking Boat

Vote, Vote, Vote… Vote for the Glory of our Boat. If you Vote Today… You can Save our Boat from Sinking on every Monday!   Vote for a better Tomorrow.. So you don’t have to live in daily Sorrow. Choose our Leader Wisely, Just the way you do, when you fall in love.   49% … Continue reading “Vote To Save Our Sinking Boat”

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The Role Of Wires In Army

From invading our homes to establishing communication at space, the contribution of wires towards human development has been endless. Although we know that wires are extensively used in common electrical applications, machines and other IT technologies, we are still unaware of the role it plays in the protection of our country. Like soldiers who sacrifice … Continue reading “The Role Of Wires In Army”

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Celebrate World Health Day For 365 Days

It’s World Health Day today! Yes one day out of 365 days is dedicated to healthy living. This does not mean that we inculcate healthy habits for one single day and forget to follow the same on rest of the 364 days. With the rat race going on in every corner of the world, stress … Continue reading “Celebrate World Health Day For 365 Days”

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A Stryfe For The Perfect Strike

Nerf has come up with a new gun that will give you a strong sense of power. Nerf’s N-Strike Stryfe comes at a reasonable cost of Rs 1,249/- with 6 darts and offers 50 ft range. This stryfe has earned a brownie point on our chart for its extraordinary features. One of the best parts … Continue reading “A Stryfe For The Perfect Strike”

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