March, 2016

Different types of optical fiber and high voltage cables with their Importants

Cables can be of various types, but all of them server the same purpose – transmitting signals from one point to another. These cables are used in various industries, hence their working conditions greatly differ from one industry to another. And that is the reason why there are so many types of cables available.

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Top Tips For Maintaining Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are one of the most important electrical appliances in India, especially during the hot summers. Many people believe that due to the arrival of air conditioners, ceiling fans are gradually becoming obsolete in this country, but that is far from the real truth.

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Cable Glands – How They Help Connect Different Cables

A cable gland, also known as cable connector, is an equipment, which is used to connect the cables to the desired device. They are necessary because if the cables are attached directly, there can be unnecessary stress on the cable which might damage the cable in future and reduce its longevity.

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How To Choose The Perfect House Wiring Solution

House wiring refers to the various lighting and power distributions that are installed in a home to power our TVs, lights, electrical appliances and also telephones and providing internet connection to computers and Wi-Fi routers.

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