4 Things to keep in mind

Geysers are a necessity in every household, keeping in mind the change of weather. So if you have been delaying the purchase of your Geyser, since summer now is the right time to get one.

There is a huge variety of Geysers available in the market, with a lot of options ranging from instant geysers to storage geysers, based on your patience.

That being mentioned, here are 4 things you should keep in mind when buying a geyser for your house.

1. Safety Features-

Humans, in general are careless creatures. We often forget to switch off appliances once we are done using them. One needs to invest in a geyser that has good safety features so it doesn’t cause any damage to your house. Make sure you buy a geyser, which has an automatic cut off- safety fireproof wires, and a non rusting external body for longer use.

2. Cost and Energy efficient-

Everyone wants to take it easy on their bills, so invest in a geyser that has maximum utility and minimum impact on your electricity bill. Many choose to invest in storage geysers instead of instant geysers, though both have their own pros and cons on the basis of energy consumed, supply and quantity of hot water (stored, if thinking about a storage geyser) and maintenance cost. A geyser needs to be worth the money you’re paying for. Do weigh out your options before settling in for one particular brand. In the end you can choose one that suits you best.

3. Looks-

You’re conscious about your looks so why not put some thought into what your geyser looks like. A lot of people see utility over how the appliance looks, but for the rest pick a geyser that is compact, has a sleek design and occupies less space and matches the look of your bathroom as compared to a geyser that is bulky.

4. Post Sales Service

Go for a trusted brand when buying your appliance. A geyser is a sensitive appliance and must be taken care of and maintained regularly. A post sales service is extremely important. You need an expert for when things can go wrong. When buying something you’re not just buying the appliance but investing in a bond with the brand for the future. There is no point buying a really good product and not have anyone fix it when things go wrong.

These are some main factors you can consider when purchasing a geyser, but you should also consider the number of people using the geyser. Pick one based on the size of your family and the number of times you have to knock at the door for them to come out.

Even after this if you’re still confused what geyser to buy, come to us we know how to help you.

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