5 Simple Ways to Bachat

Saving electricity has been something we are taught since school. We are taught that it is important to save the resources we have been provided with to avoid having a dark future.

Switching off lights, fans and appliances are well, the most basic ways one can save electricity. Since you’re done using the facility switch it off, it’s just a sensible thing to do.

Apart from switching off, you can take that extra mile to be more efficient energy saving person.

Here are 5 ways to you can save electricity without doing all that much.

1. Wear clothes according to the climate-

Layer up for when it’s the winter, so the heater isn’t running as much and for when its summer wear lose comfortable cotton clothing to avoid switching on the AC that much. Staying in style and keeping the electricity bill low is a win- win situation for everyone.

2. Switch to LED-

Switch to Polycab LEDs. They are a wiser option and an investment for the future. These LEDs are 50% more efficient as compared to standard incandescent lamps which are 2-3% efficient. The numbers are in front of you and we expect you to make a better decision for yourself. Once you decide to make a change, you know who to come to.

3. Darker Curtains-

Darker curtains are multipurpose. They improve the way your house and electricity bill both look. Darker curtains help blocking the heat and keeping the room cooler and for days the sun is bearable let them be a beautiful accessory and let all that natural light flow in.

4. Wash clothes with cold water-

We all absolutely love using hot water, be it on ourselves or while washing clothes. Use cold water when washing your clothes in the machines. Also, make sure you’re washing the machine in full loads instead of a t-shirt or two at a time. This will surely clean your clothes and clear out the unnecessary expenses in your electricity bill.

5. Invest in Laptops instead of Desktops.

All the money that you’re saving following all the above tips can be invested in purchasing a laptop. They use less electricity as compared to desktops and are a more feasible option for those looking to buy gadgets in the near future.

Well you’ve got to spend the extra money that you’re saving from saving all that electricity. Let’s all take these easy steps to save electricity and try to be better citizens for the future.

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