A quick guide to lighting up your homes

Lighting plays an extremely important part in a house. It can either make or break the way your house looks and feels.  The rule of thumb that needs to be followed when lighting up the house is have various sources at different levels to create a flattering ambience in the room.

With the right lighting a small room can look spacious and the wrong lighting can make a spacious room look small and dull.

Here are some tips as to how you can make each and every room look beautiful in your house, with lights.

Living Room

A living room is a place where a lot of people spend their time, reading or watching TV, Living. Make sure three of the four corners have lighting pointing to some object, e.g. – a plant, a painting or a striking chair. Use a combination of table and floor lamps, with some lights facing upward and a few facing downward.

The more reading light in as many seats, the better it is. The perfect light is a 6W square or round LED light.

Dining Room

The dining table should be the brightest spot in the room, that’s what draws people in and also the food. Use a chandelier or a pendant above it with a maximum wattage of 100.

Any other place in the room, give it a subtle lighting. Use table lamps or dim LED lights to set the right mood in the dining area. The ideal light for a dining room can be a 6W square or round light and a 2W LED spot lights embedded in a fake ceiling or a wooden fixture. This helps giving a warm hue.


Kitchen is where all your sharp knives are being used, well obviously, so make sure the working surface is well lit. This adds to the ambience and makes sure there is no blood loss while cooking. Make sure your focus is on overhead lighting. For best lighting in the kitchen, use a 4 feet, 20 W LED batten.


In your bedroom, go for a cozy dim lighting. This is your personal space and not a lot of people will come here, unless the seating in the living room falls short. Use separate table lamps for each side of the room, so you can switch off the lamp and sleep after a dramatic fight or when you’re done reading, depending on the kind of person you are. For indirect and dim light like for behind the bed, a 24W LED strip 5 meters (can be cut to required size) with driver can be used for warm illumination.


Bathrooms are important, for taking those brilliant selfies of course, so the lighting here needs to be perfect. Make sure you have some side lights and an overhead light to avoid all the shadows on your face. For a bathroom, one can invest in a 2 feet, 12 W batten.

These lights might get you more artsy pictures and will make your home look beautiful.

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