All You Want To Know About Fiber to the Home Cable (FTTH)

Fiber to the home (FTTH) is a concept that is in its novice stage, but has been growing very briskly.  It is known to offer high bandwidth to users, be it end-consumers or even businesses.  This means that your internet service will be boosted that will have a direct impact on the way you watch videos or use voice services.  As the name suggests, this service makes use of optical fiber, or FTTH cable, to transmit communications signal.   This is an upgrade from the existing copper infrastructure that isn’t known to be as robust and effective.  This sophisticated system can be deployed at various places, including residences as well as business complexes.

is known to have unlimited bandwidth.  This means that it can smoothly deliver the three play services, which include video, voice, and data.  Interestingly, the maintenance cost of this system is lower when compared to some of the other forms of networks.  Another advantage of this system is the fact that it is efficient and flexible in terms of bandwidth allocation.

One more advantage of FTTH cables is their light weight and small diameter.  This means that you don’t have to handle those large and messy wires in your offices and homes.  Additionally, these cables are also equipped with flame retardant jackets.

Types of FTTH Cable:
There are various types of FTTH available.  Take the example of the central loose outdoor cable.  On the other hand there is a cable for indoor use too.  One of the popular ones is the FTTH drop cable.  This type of FTTH cable is constructed with 2 single model fibers.  These kinds of wires are available in varied counts.  This can include one, two, four to twelve.  Their structure as well as their performance is optimized to be able to work with various FTTH applications.  In fact, the very same cable can also be used for the reception of Digital Cable Television.

In short, these cables are going to transform the way in which we ever imagined data, voice, and video.  If you haven’t heard about this system before, it is time you started inquiring.

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