All You Wanted To Know About Optical Fiber Cable

There are various ways in which you hear about fiber-optic cables.  If you haven’t heard about optical fiber cable, that is probably because you never knew that such cables supported your telephone system, your internet, and even your Cable TV.  How would you feel without these essentials of life?  That’s why it is important to know more about it.

So what exactly is an optical fiber cable?  It is a cable that contains 1 or more optical fibers.  The objective of these is to carry light.  These optical fiber elements are generally coated in plastic.  Moreover, they are also enclosed in protective tube.  This is to make sure that the complete package is appropriate for the place of deployment.  Again, one size doesn’t fit all.  Therefore, various different types of cables are available that can be used for varied applications.  Examples of applications can be long distance telecommunication or the provision of high-speed data connection.  All of these will require different cables.

Parts of an Optical Fiber Cable:

Following are some of the parts that various fiber cables include:

Core is the thin glass center.  This is the place that facilitates the travel of light.

Another part is Cladding, which is the outer optical material that surrounds the core.  The task of cladding is to reflect the light back to the core.

Buffer coating is a coating of plastic on top of the fiber cable.  This protects it from environment’s elements and other chances of external damage.

How Does Fiber Optic Work?

So the next question is how the system of Fiber optic cable works.  As we know, light travels through the core of the fiber optic cable.  It constantly bounces from the outer optical material, also known as Cladding.  This system is also known as Total Internal Reflection.  Interestingly, Cladding doesn’t absorb any light from the core of the cable.  Because of this reason, the light wave manages to travel large distances.  The purity of the glass within the fiber optical cable determines the extent of degradation of light that is passing through.  Use of pure glass shall always hold users in good stead.

 Optical Fiber Cable

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