Angel Or Devil?

Are you wondering what this ‘Angel Or Devil’ is all about? Well, it is a question from us to you. Who are you? An Angel or Devil to your country and eventually to yourself. Or just a nobody. Each one of us have a good side and a bad side within and we also have a sane that helps us choose the right path. When you see someone litter your city, or a factory that throws its waste in public areas, what is your take on it? Do you react or just move ahead thinking this country and its people will never progress?

Recently we read a post that had a picture of a Bollywood star picking up a cigarette packet that a civilian threw on the road. The post said, ‘The famous actor respects our country and cannot stand the thought of people not respecting the same’. There was another post we read recently about a politician who stood up for justice. A residential area near factory that produced plastic toys, polluted the area in various ways. There are many such posts that media covers to spread awareness.  Many ordinary people do voice out their opinion from time-to-time on social networking sites. Many support justice but only a few act upon. Your every action bears more value than your words.

It feels great to read about people who are making an effort to keep our country pollution free and healthy. The only question that bothers us is, why these people are very limited in number. Why don’t we see the same conscious behavior that people have about cleanliness when they visit a foreign country. Is it really very difficult to keep your very own city clean and pollution free? Anything that you do for your city is going to influence the country and benefit the coming generations.

At Polycab we take care of our people and our country. We dump our industrial waste according to the eco-system rules and make sure that the packaging of our products is recyclable. We also conduct seminars and lectures for our employees  about the effects of global warming and the need to curb the level of pollution. So, it is time for you to do something that will actually bring about a change to the world we live. You alone can only inspire but we together can bring a change. So who do you want to be an Angel or a devil? The choice is yours.

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