Amplifying performance.
Powering change.

We executed our Project LEAP strategy and delivered on our plans. Our initiatives related to our strategic themes are well underway, and we have reaffirmed our commitment to becoming a sustainable organisation in FY23. While we have a long road ahead, we are making progress towards achieving our targets and becoming a stronger, more sustainable organisation

Customer Centricity

Redefined our operating model to adopt a more cross-functional and service-oriented approach, with the aim of delivering a superior customer experience

Go-to-Market Excellence

Broad-based expansion of the distribution network, including into the hinterlands of India

Accelerating our Sustainability Agenda

Innovating for an impactful, equitable, and better tomorrow by driving inclusive growth in the long term

Setting up of Organisation Enablers

Transforming ourselves into a digital-first organisation

Winning with New Products

Devising a portfolio roadmap and increasing our presence across price points to cater to the complete spectrum of customers

Polycab is a leading player in the electrical industry with a glorious track record of over four decades
FY23 Highlights



₹12,823 Mn

PAT ↑52%

₹18,912 Mn

Who We Are
Leading ahead

Polycab India Limited is India’s largest integrated manufacturer of wires and cables, and a prominent player in the Fast-Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) industry

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Business segments

Wires and Cables (W&C)

We are India’s dominant manufacturer and seller of a varied range of wires and cables for retail and industrial use, catering to a diverse customer base across a wide range of industries

₹125,369 Mn



Our FMEG business, which commenced in FY14, is a high-growth segment. It features a growing product mix across different price points that caters to the complete spectrum of customers

₹12,512 Mn


International Business

Our international business delivers superior electrical products and solutions, tailored to meet the everchanging demands of our valued customers

₹13,835 Mn

Message from the Chairman and Managing Director
Reimagining possibilities, accelerating transformation

“We continued to deliver a strong performance in FY23, registering the highest-ever revenue and PAT in the history of our Company. This was achieved on the back of the healthy volume growth in the Wires and Cables business”

Inder T. Jaisinghani

Chairman & Managing Director

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Gandharv Tongia

Executive Director and CFO

W&C Business

We cemented our position as the market leader with our focus on quality, innovation, and brand recognition that differentiates us from our peers in the Wires and Cables industry. Our strong distribution network and diverse product offerings make us the preferred choice for customers

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Tapping into new growth avenues

We have a clear focus on establishing ourselves as the preferred provider of cable and wiring solutions in key geographies. We strive to achieve this by delivering high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of our customers

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FMEG Business

At Polycab, we are implementing a multi-faceted approach to expand our FMEG business and achieve growth. Our goal is to redefine our value proposition to customers, empowering them to adopt a modern lifestyle that places safety and convenience at the forefront

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The Industries We Serve
Meeting diverse needs

We are a business charting an exciting course based on sustainability, experience transformation, and technological innovation. Our comprehensive range of products and adherence to the highest customer value proposition enables us to enrich our customers' lives

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How We Create Value
Our value creation paradigm
Accelerating our Sustainability Agenda
Championing sustainability

We have advanced in our sustainability journey and aligned ourselves more closely with our stakeholders. In FY23, we prioritised our material issues and identified strategic enablers and objectives

Environmental Stewardship

Climate change and energy



Social Inclusion

Health and safety

Diversity and inclusion

Employee training

Responsible supply chain

Corporate social responsibility

Governance and Ethics

Corporate governance, ethics, and transparency

Data privacy and cyber security


ESG Policies and Initiatives

ESG-related policies, procedures, and code aligned with global frameworks and standards which underpin our ESG initiatives

Validation and Evaluation

  • Robust sustainability governance
  • Informed by stakeholder dialogue
  • Guided by sustainability rating and ranking

Stakeholder Value Creation

Long-term sustainable growth

Alignment with Intergovernmental Instruments

  • India's Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)
  • Paris Agreement

Impacting Communities

Creating a positive impact on society

Deep Dive into Our Material Topics
Identifying what
matters the most
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Our materiality assessment helps us evaluate ground realities, better understand the external environment, and align our priorities in a pragmatic way. These periodic evaluations enable us to authenticate our business model and make informed decisions to maximise value creation

Value Created for Stakeholders
Creating shared value

Superior stakeholder returns through optimal utilisation of resources


Dividend payout ratio

Best-in-class products and services


Customer complaints resolved

Protecting and nurturing our employees


Total training hours
Value Chain Partners

Creating an inclusive ecosystem for partners


Sustainable sourcing

Empowering beneficiaries through our CSR activities


Lives impacted

Minimising our impact on the environment


Contribution of renewable electricity to total electrical consumption
Governance at Polycab
Our philosophy behind ‘Sustainable Growth’

Our culture, policies, and interactions with our stakeholders are reflective of the values we uphold in our corporate governance. Our corporate governance practices and performance depend heavily on integrity and transparency, which also helps us consistently win and keep the trust of our stakeholders

Board Focus Areas in FY23
  • Review organisational progress and continuously evaluate our strategic priorities relating to changing dynamics and opportunities
  • Focus on becoming future-ready
  • Formulate ESG framework and targets


Attendance by the Board of Directors


Board meetings
Risk Management
Balancing risks and opportunities

A dynamic operating environment brings with it inevitable internal and external risks. Our rigorous approach prepares us to adapt to contingencies and stay ahead of the curve

Risk Management Process