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What is FTTH cable and Its Uses

How of many of you reading this have heard about FTTH cable before?  If you haven’t heard about it, don’t be embarrassed.  It is a reasonably new concept, but it promises to transform the way we received internet bandwidth. So what does FTTH stands for?  It stands for Fiber to the Home.  Some companies might … Continue reading “What is FTTH cable and Its Uses”

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What is the Future of Optical Fiber Cable?

How many of you know about optical fiber cable?  Out of our previous experience, we realize that very few people know about this new and thriving concept in the market.  Have you all realized that our long distance telecom phone connections have considerably improved?  Moreover, you would certainly also know about the improving data speeds.  … Continue reading “What is the Future of Optical Fiber Cable?”

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Faqs About Led Lights

We tend to receive many questions about LED lights.  Hence, we have shortlisted a few questions and have provide our answers to them: What are the benefits of LED lights? The first benefit, one that we all know about, is lower electricity consumption.  That tends to reflect in your electricity bills.  They are more durable … Continue reading “Faqs About Led Lights”

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Tips on kitchen lighting for the new age home

One of the busiest spots in the house is the kitchen – and this is where seventy percent of the family would gather, for a meal, to talk or to spend time.  With that being said, the kitchen thus would be the soul of the home for many – and new age homes need to … Continue reading “Tips on kitchen lighting for the new age home”

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The Role Of Wires In Army

From invading our homes to establishing communication at space, the contribution of wires towards human development has been endless. Although we know that wires are extensively used in common electrical applications, machines and other IT technologies, we are still unaware of the role it plays in the protection of our country. Like soldiers who sacrifice … Continue reading “The Role Of Wires In Army”

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