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Do More With Your Mind

Technology is developing at the speed of light and here we are introducing a new gadget that will definitely keep your mind in check. Curious to know what kind of device is this? Well it is called muse, an advanced head band that senses your brain and tells you to do more with your mind. … Continue reading “Do More With Your Mind”

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Charge Your Phone Over A Cup Of Coffee / Cold Lemonade

Imagine, you are out with your friends on a camp and there is no source of electricity. Your phone’s battery is about to die and all you have is a cup of hot coffee in your hand. In such a situation, you would surely curse yourself for not carrying a pair of extra batteries or … Continue reading “Charge Your Phone Over A Cup Of Coffee / Cold Lemonade”

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Experience Delight In Every Sip With Press Coffee Machines

Who doesn’t like a freshly brewed cup of coffee? It has a life of its own. With a delicate aroma that tinges your senses, they hold a story that is meant to be explored. A cup of coffee is not merely a beverage. It is a magic that awakes you to the beauty of life. … Continue reading “Experience Delight In Every Sip With Press Coffee Machines”

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A Revolutionary Device To Save Water – WaterPebble

People often say, “Save water to save our planet”, “There are people dying because of lack of water”, “Save water to save our society”, and so on. Saving water has become a necessity in today’s date, because the above sentences speak the truth. Most of the water gets wasted when we bathe for long hours … Continue reading “A Revolutionary Device To Save Water – WaterPebble”

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A Stryfe For The Perfect Strike

Nerf has come up with a new gun that will give you a strong sense of power. Nerf’s N-Strike Stryfe comes at a reasonable cost of Rs 1,249/- with 6 darts and offers 50 ft range. This stryfe has earned a brownie point on our chart for its extraordinary features. One of the best parts … Continue reading “A Stryfe For The Perfect Strike”

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Polycab Making Its Way To The Top, Through Social Media

A wise woman once said, “As much as producing quality products is important, to have a successful business, advertising the product with better quality is more important”. These days companies emphasize largely on product promotion for successful business. They believe that greater awareness leads to greater loyalty. Promoting business also gives the producer a golden … Continue reading “Polycab Making Its Way To The Top, Through Social Media”

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Customize Your Device For $50

Technology is so vast, it has yet again earned a place in the list of our blogs. Everyday, scientists are conducting research to invent new gizmos for an easy life. One such experiment has paid off and brought the future closer. The invention is called, ‘Project Ara’. It is an invention that is a part … Continue reading “Customize Your Device For $50”

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Aakash, A New Hope For The Bright Future Of India

Technology comes with its price, literally. The better the technology the costlier the device. People who belong to the upper class, upper middle class and middle class can only afford advanced gadgets for their self growth. But what about the poor, who cannot afford expensive devices and are left behind in the race of competition? … Continue reading “Aakash, A New Hope For The Bright Future Of India”

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Indian Gizmos for Indian Techies

Everything is made easy and is available at our finger tips. Thanks to the development of technology. The craze for gizmos is increasing day by day. As the present generation is highly aware of all the latest technologies available in the market, various brands have come up with their latest inventions at an affordable cost. … Continue reading “Indian Gizmos for Indian Techies”

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