Save Electricity

T5 Tube Lights- The Energy Efficient Tube Light

Would you love to live in darkness? Would you be okay if all of a sudden all electrical appliances shut down? No light at home, no light on the streets, living without appliances that need electric supply to operate. Can you ever imagine something as horrible as this? Isn’t this worse than an apocalypse, if … Continue reading “T5 Tube Lights- The Energy Efficient Tube Light”

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Can Energy Be Saved?

Thou shalt not waste energy in the name of thy God. Thou shall save energy in his name.   This summer visit one of the remotest areas in India. The cattle, the vegetation and the environment may not surprise you, but the lives the people in the village lead, without electricity will surely create a … Continue reading “Can Energy Be Saved?”

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Saving Energy in Office

There are various ways of saving energy at home. However, when it comes to businesses the same tactics cannot be followed as every single individual in the organization needs to support the plan. Energy can be easily saved, if people feel the need to save energy and realize its importance and influence on others around … Continue reading “Saving Energy in Office”

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Saving Energy In the Kitchen

Soaring energy bills is directly linked to energy consumption. The greater the use, the higher would be the bills. Reducing the consumption may not always help in saving energy. With our energy saving series, we at Polycab, aim to educate people on the preventive measures that can help save electricity.  The use of some appliances … Continue reading “Saving Energy In the Kitchen”

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Saving Energy In Bathrooms

When it comes to implementing effective energy saving solutions, people go for living rooms and bedrooms, totally ignoring the most important room in a household i.e. the bathroom. Bathrooms are a place not to be avoided as they waste more energy than you think. The unlit lamps in the basin and the unplugged hair-dryers increase … Continue reading “Saving Energy In Bathrooms”

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Different Ways Of Reducing Your Electricity Bills

With the development of technology, the use of electricity has considerably increased. People now totally depend on electricity to fulfill their daily needs and this has led to the unbalanced distribution of natural resources. Although, people do enjoy the luxuries that come along with energy consumption, many suffer, when the bills come to their door-step. … Continue reading “Different Ways Of Reducing Your Electricity Bills”

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5 Little Known Ways of Saving Electricity

There are various tried and tested methods of saving electricity which fill the internet. However, the below mentioned tips are simple and easy to implement. Make sure you use them to reduce the burden on the environment. When it comes to cooking, use a microwave instead of a regular stove as it cooks faster and … Continue reading “5 Little Known Ways of Saving Electricity”

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Advantages Of Polycab Cables And Selection Of Cables

Certain things are meant to stand the test of times and quite literally. Cables and wires being one of these. With its consistent quality and ready availability, POLYCAB with its wide range of cables and wires has managed to become one of the largest Wire and Cable manufacturer in India. Being pioneers in their field, … Continue reading “Advantages Of Polycab Cables And Selection Of Cables”

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