Create A Safety Check List

We all maintain a checklist for various reasons. It is time for you to create one to maintain the safety of your homes and protect your families. Wondering what you should include in your safety checklist? Well don’t worry, below is a checklist that is essential for every home irrespective of its size. You can add certain things or modify them as per your requirements.

Observe, reflect and correct-
Inspect all the electrical fittings in your homes that includes the cords, electrical sockets, plugs and other additional wires that connect to the main utility box. They should appear healthy without any discolouration, fume emission or being worn out. If any of these conditions are visible, then it is advisable to invest in new pair of electrical essential, as their continued use increase the chance of electrocution.

Play safe with extensions-
It is advisable to not use extensions for a prolonged period. Even when used the extension lead should not be more than 15 meters. Checking the leads, sockets and plugs is essential for secure energy transmission. The extension lead plugs used should complement the fuse rates of the equipments that are in use. Overuse of extensions increases the risk of fire accidents. Hence, permanent installations are always considered better as the energy wastage is minimum and protection is optimum.

Protect with accessories-
Young children may not know how dangerous electricity is, but we as responsible adults possess the knowledge on its use. Using plastic protectors for plugs, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and installing switches at an height which is not easily reachable by children should form the core basic safety plan.  It is always better to be safe, especially when you have young kids around your home.

Inspect before you switch on –
Most cases of electrocution and fire accidents is due to carelessness. Always check your appliances before you get in contact with it. In case the electrical appliance is damp or gets damaged when moved, ensure that it is checked by an electrical expert before you put them into use. Also, unplug the appliances from the outlet after each use. While unplugging the appliance, it’s important to be noted that the base of the plug that needs to be pulled and not the cord.

Though regular inspection and maintenance may add to expenses, the cost incurred towards safety should be regarded more as an investment towards protection rather than a waste of resources.

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