Deck up Your House this Navratri with Innovative Lighting

Navratri is one of the most awaited festivals in India.  People look forward for the nine days of celebrations.  Friends and families come together to worship the divine mother and her ability to overcome evil.  We all dance to the tunes of happiness and devotion for nine nights in the Hindu month of Ashwin.  It is important you consider some ideas of decorating your house for Navratri.  After all, it is a way of letting the world know about how much you love Navratri.

The easiest way of decking up your house this Navratri is in the form of home lighting.  During various times of the year, we might not put on all the lights in our house.  Obviously, the electricity bill is a concern.  However, if we can put on all our home lighting for these nine nights; that will give a sudden boost to the way our home looks and feels.  It will have an impact on the mood of the inmates and people passing by will also take notice.  If electricity bill is a major concern, you might want to consider LED bulbs.  Not only are they extremely bright and durable, but they are very cost effective too.  That can help us keep the mood up and the bills down for these nine nights and also the rest of the year.

The second thing you can do is use your Diwali lighting in your verandah or your balcony.  We all have lights and bulbs that we will put up during the Diwali time.  However, we can decide to do it a few days earlier in order to deck up our houses for Navratri too.

Another idea is to make use of various colours.  One of the most sensational part of Navratri is how people are dressed up in different colours.  You can replace the same in your home too by putting up lights of different colours.  It exhibits the real feeling of Navratri.

Therefore, there are various ideas that can be explored to ensure that your home is all ready for Navratri.  Making use of LED bulbs and other forms of innovative home lighting can help you ensure the same.

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