Easy Energy Savings Tips for the summer

Summer’s already here, and we have all experienced the heat wave that has engulfed us in the last month or so.  Apart from the summer heat, what is also extremely worrisome is the sudden spike in our electricity bill that summer brings along.  The use of air conditioner and ceiling fans goes up.  However, there are various other reasons why our electricity bills are high.  Following are some simple yet effective energy saving tips for the summer:

Refrigerator Utilization: The first tip is to make frugal use of the refrigerator.  What we mean to say is that we should be careful about the number of times we open the refrigerator door.  That certainly makes the refrigerator warm, and it has to use more electricity to cool itself again.  You need to ensure that you only open the refrigerator door when it is needed.  In fact, if you are cooking – you can pull out all that you require at one time.

Another interesting thing you can do with the refrigerator is to keep it full.  By having vegetables and fruits inside the refrigerator, you ensure that the refrigerator does not warm up really fast.  This means less energy use and more energy saving.

Use Ceiling Fans: The prominence of ceiling fans is picking up all around the world.  By making use of ceiling fans continuously, we reduce the requirement of an air conditioner.  This certain converts into more energy saving.  For those who live in smaller houses, it is advisable to have pedestal fans as they can perform the same task as ceiling fans.

Eliminate Waste:  This is again a very simple tip, but hardly do we get to implement that.  You need to turn off all your appliances when they are not in use.  We tend to charge our phones and keep the charger plugged in even after we have removed the phones.  That sucks up some energy too.  Also make sure, you turn off computers and printers regularly.

Use Microwave: If you use electric gas, it will be suggestible to make use of the microwave as much as you can.  Microwave takes lesser energy than oven and various types of electrical stoves.  Here’s a way of simple energy conservation.

These and many other simple tools can play a significant part in reducing your energy bills during the summer.

Energy Savings Tips for the summer

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