Idiot Box – Now and Then!

Idiot box is the best friend and favorite leisure partner of many across the world. People start their day with browsing new channels and end it by watching their favorite serials. Idiot box also known by the name ‘television’ has tremendously  influenced the way we lead our lives. Our standard of living has improved and the demand for various consumer durables have increased. All thanks to the channel invasion which prompts us to alter our lifestyle and preferences as per the changing trends. While many of us use it for educational or leisure purposes, there are also an increasing amount of individuals who solely depend on the idiot box for their daily bread. All the latest happenings are aired within seconds generating quick awareness amongst the common people.

This wonderful technology was invented officially on papers in the year 1884. It was later built and introduced to Americans in the year 1939. The outbreak of World War II delayed the commercial network programming in the U.S until the year 1940. The television set back then was a 7 inch screen encased in a metal box that was four times larger than the screen. The black and white model was named as Admiral model 9A111 and was launched in the year 1948. Its initial price was around $2,495. An experimental terrestrial television was introduced in India in the year 1959, and a regular transmission started in the year 1965 as a part of All India Radio. The television back then was a black and white device with barely 8 channels in the beginning, packed in a fat box with 8 buttons on it to change the channels.

The invention progressed with around 100 channels, big screen colored picture and a remote to change the channels from a distance. Invention of this device led to the inception of different forms of services like, demand for new products and the need to advertise those products.  This in turn provided new opportunities for employment. The device was also used to educate people and provide entertainment. Since then the development is ever growing. Today the television sets are flat screened and occupy hardly any space. They have N number of channels and the best picture quality coupled with a high definition technology that gives lifelike images. The size has now increased to 50′ from 7 inch and other features like 3D, Plasma, LCD and LED are now out in the market for the best television experience one can ever have.

One can definitely see the development in the appearance and use of television over the period of years. We at Polycab, promise to show the same progress in our products with every passing day, and strive to deliver the best quality services to our  customers to enhance their experience.

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