Innovations around Industrial Switchgear & Others That Can Change Makar Sankranti

India is a nation of festival.  We know what it takes to bring together a great celebration.  It works very well for us.  All our festivals give us the opportunity to come together, and enjoy the company of our family and friends.  Makar Sankranti is one such festival that is extremely popular.  The reason for the same is that it holds reference to numerous cultures and beliefs.  While there are many ways in which Makar Sankranti is celebrated, the one that we remember profoundly is by the kite festival.  People climb onto their terraces, and fly kites.  Additionally, it is a way of coming together with your family and friends.  IN short, it is just another opportunity for us to have a gala time.

While the festival itself is beautiful and exciting, there are some dampeners in the same.  There are many kids who lose their lives on the day of this festival because they fail to exercise caution.  Let’s take an example of electrical wires.  When your kite and/or the string get entangled in the overhead electrical wires, your obvious reaction should be to let go of it.  However, kids sometimes tend to pursue their kite and try to release it from the tangle.  This can cause electrical shocks that lead to very sorry incidences.

So, what can we do to change this?  There are various innovations that are happening around the world.  Let us take an example of the industrial switchgear.  Continuous focus is made on making this switchgear more robust and shock-proof.  Innovators, including the ones working at Polycab, continuously strive to develop ways of eliminating cases of shocks and other life-threatening cases at work.  However, that’s to do with the industries.  When it comes to electrical cables and wires; we will have to think of ways in which these wires can become shock-free.  If that is not a possibility, we need to follow the lead of some of the western countries and have underground wires.

We, at Polycab, wish you a very happy and safe Makar Sankranti.  You can be rest assured that while you celebrate this festival with your family, we will continue to strive hard to make our electrical products safer and better.

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