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Resources are depreciating every second due to the excessive use by human race. This is what we we learnt on environment in our schools. We studied, wrote tests, scored good ranks, got a reputable job with an heavy pay package and our lives moved on. But did we ever give a thought on why we were taught all those values about conserving energy and using resources carefully? Well if you did, then we are glad ’cause we are not in this mission alone.

The world is making progress every second, with a new gadget being invented to ease the lives of the common people. The present generation totally depends on various gadgets to do every little thing in life. Although, technology has simplified our lifestyle and we together have transformed ourselves for the betterment of the society, do you really feel that the quality of our life is improved in real terms? Does the advancement of technology defines the quality of our life?

Times have changed.  Manually doing a work rather than mechanically, and learning the importance and value of that work was a real deal then. It is funny yet disappointing how today technology is being misused. From making simple calculations to remembering the phone number of their spouses and other important events. People need their mobile phones for every little work they do.

Where are the times gone when kids would go out on the grounds and play all the possible outdoor games, fall down and their mothers would console that only when you fall down, you rise up for good. Kids now-a-days stay home and play on their laptops and other gadgets, which leads to zero exercise and obesity.

So if world is really making progress, then why the number of diseases increased, and scientist have a constant research going on in their labs to find a cure.

Just a thought – Living a simple life had a better quality, because it oiled every body part and kept us healthy. Easy availability of gadgets made life easy but in turn made the human race lazy and unhealthy and lethargic. So is the world really progressing?

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