Know Your Geysers

 Each one of us have water heaters at our homes and with the onset of winter its use increases. While we cannot limit its use, we can efficiently avoid energy wastage by making optimum use of the features available. However before we reveal the tips, it is necessary for you to know how an electric geyser commonly known as water heater really works. So lets get started.

On the outside, water heaters basically look like huge metal cylinders. Though the modern ones are compact, they still sport the drum like shape that camouflages the equipment inside. However, don’t be fooled by its appearance, ’cause there lies a brilliant design inside that actually houses the heating mechanism.

The basic components of a water heater is a tank, dip tube, shut-off valve, heat out pipe, thermostat, heating mechanism, drain valve, a pressure relief valve and a sacrificial anode. The tank which forms the inner shell of the geyser is basically a metal tank that is encased in a water resistant material. With the capacity of holding 151 to 227 liters of hot water approximately, this tank is then covered in polyurethane foam or any other insulated material to maintain the pressure. This whole equipment is then enclosed in an insulated outer shell for durability and protection.

The function of the dip tube is to carry cold water from the source to the bottom of the tank. Once the water reaches the tank, the heating element or the burner in case of gas, warms up the water which is then let out through the heat out pipe. The heat out pipe is located on the top of the tank as the hot water rises up and the cold water occupies the bottom of the tank. In short, geysers work using the principle of water density.

Now that you know the secret. It is time for us to reveal how you could save energy by using geysers. First and foremost, you need to invest only in energy-efficient models. Irrespective of its size, there is always an energy efficient model available in the market. So invest in one. Secondly, the geyser you choose should have an auto off feature that automatically switches off the unit after use. Such systems will not only save energy but also score high on durability. Last but not the least, only choose the finest products and always check the wiring of the system on a regular basis.

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