Let’s Gain More Information about FTTH Cable

In the past, there were various means of communications that were used.  You would have heard of terms like PVC-U Pipes and others in the past.  Things have been changing, though.  FTTH has been taking over.  If you are active in this industry, you would have heard about terms like FTTH cable and FTTH drop cable.  So, what exactly is FTTH?  Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is nothing but the delivery of communication signal over optical fiber.  So, by making use of FTTH cable; the communication goes straight from the operator’s switching equipment to someone’s home or business.

These cables are continuously replacing existing copper infrastructure.  In the past, such infrastructure was used as telephone wires and coaxial cables.  However, this new method is continuously growing.  It offers higher bandwidth to consumers and businesses.  So, how does that help?  It helps you improve your internet functionality.  Take an example of streaming videos continuously without any interruption.  On the other hand, it also helps with faster downloads that are helpful for individuals and businesses.  Finally, you can also have video conferences with absolute ease by making use of FTTH technology.

In terms of the statistics, FTTH offers transmission speeds of up to 100 megabits every second.  There are continuous improvements happening in the industry.  Therefore, the available bandwidth is on a rise.  It is this reason why it is being considered as fool proof.

For the consumers, this offers a great way of improving their experience with using various internet functions.  If your family lives in different parts of the world, you can communicate with them seamlessly by making use of video conferencing technology.  On the other hand, video streaming becomes simpler too.  Therefore, it allows you to stream videos and movies quite easily.  With the advent of IP television, such internet speeds can help.  Finally, there are so many people working from home.  With such prompt internet speeds, it becomes simpler to work from home.  If you have to download reports or send emails, you can do that with ease.  This is the reason why Fiber to the Home is becoming the technology of choice for many.


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