LifeStraw : A Remarkable Technology That Sustains Life

Life begins with water and ends in it. Water is the source of life and the biggest treasure of mankind. Without water, there is no life. In spite of knowing the importance of water, we still waste water and sulk later, when water crisis becomes an issue. While some of us are fortunate to have access to clean drinking water 24/7, others do not even have the chance to drink a glass of clean water in their whole lifetime. At a time when 1/6th of the population is suffering from malnutrition, the invention of Lifestraw is truly a game changer.

Though there are many water filtering systems available in the market, LifeStraw wins hands down as it purifies the dirtiest of water and makes it drinkable without using chemicals or electricity. At first glance, the portable LifeStraw looks like an ordinary simple straw with two ends. Constructed with premium quality plastic, LifeStraw is 30 mm in diameter and 310 mm long. It is powered by suction and does not use chemicals to treat water. To filter water, the user simply needs to do put one end of the tube into their mouth and the other end to the water. To use the filter, the user simply needs to suck in the water. The 0.2 mm filter present in the tube removes 99.9% parasites and dust particles, making any water fit for consumption. To remove the dust particles from the filter, the user simply needs to blow air out of the tube.

As per the tests, Lifestraw filters many water borne bacteria like Staphylococci, Shigella, Salmonella, and Enterococcus from saline, tap and turbid water. Ideally, this filtering device was created to ward off guinea worm disease that continues to be a major problem in the underdeveloped nations of the world. After intense research, the mesh used in the tube can now ward off bacteria and water borne diseases. A single unit of LifeStraw can filter 1000 litres of water i.e. is enough to suffice a year for an individual. A larger unit of LifeStraw is created by Vestergaard Frandsen for families. This unit effectively removes all the bacteria and microbes as well.

Though there are many water filter system brands available in the market, we at Polycab chose to cover LifeStraw especially for its low cost and effectiveness. We believe many such ‘affordable’ and ‘environment friendly’ inventions can change the future of our planet. While purification of water is simple through such technologies, we have still not found a replacement for water. So still then save water and use it wisely.

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