More Information About The Features of PVC-U Pipes

There are various inventions happening in the field of cables, wires, and pipes.  All of these inventions are bringing about a considerable change in the way in which things were performed.  Let’s take an example of FTTH drop cable.  This cable is facilitating optical fiber technology transmission to households.  This has meant that households can now have very fast internet speeds.  These are speeds that they haven’t experienced before.  On the other hand, advancement is also happening in high voltage cable technology.  The technology advancement that we will talking about today is PVC-U pipes.


What does PVC-U stand for?  It means Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride.  This is among the most commonly used plastic product in pipe installations.  The reason for its popularity is the fact that it is extremely rigid and versatile.  This is the perfect characteristic for a plastic that will be used for pipe installation.  Also, these features of this plastic make it perfectly suitable for above or below ground installations.

Another point worth noting is the chemical resistance of PVC-U.  The chemical resistance is extremely high too, and that makes it suitable for multiple installations.  What this also makes sure is that it offers good flow characteristics to the installation.

What is worth noting about PVC-U pipes is the fact that this plastic material is odourless and tasteless.  How does this help?  This helps because this makes it convenient to transport water as well as food and dairy products.    Additionally, these pipes are easy to install as they are lightweight.


As you noted above, the use of PVC-U pipes has brought about a considerable enhancement in the way things were transported from one point to another.  Because of its odourless quality, it becomes possible to safely transport water.  In the times of come, this is going to be a great benefit as water shortages around the world would call for water transportation.  Along with that, these pipes can work efficiently from 0 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius.  Therefore, this removes the restriction of transporting goods between different regions with varying climatic conditions.

We all hope that more and more inventions happen in the world to make our lives simpler.

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