Polycab Lights for more illumination, more saving

Polycab Lights for more illumination, more saving

As we approach the festive season, we get a sudden surge in electricity bills. We can’t reduce the usage during the festival of lights “Deepavali”, but, it is necessary to find out the other alternatives. Now, you can decorate your home with the energy-efficient bright lights that can illuminate your home at comparatively lesser amount.

Here is a fact for you: An average household keeps about 5% of its energy budget aside for lighting, which just gets doubled in the festive season. Switching to energy-efficient lighting is one of the best approaches to cut your energy bills. Obviously, one can’t replace the entire home/office lighting fixtures all at once, but, can start with replacing the most frequently used light fixtures with the energy efficient Polycab LED lights.

This Deepavali, we have a whole new range of products available to decorate your homes, offices, gardens in the most elegant way. You can opt for the LED light panels, suspended fixtures or commercial downlights to make your offices look more sophisticated as well.

When colorful lights are arranged in a proper combination, they look elegant and attractive. Polycab LED strips are easy to use and saves a lot of energy. They are thin, flexible, easy-to- stick and remove. Now, you don’t need to use typical traditional lamp series to beautify your home on Deepavali, you can use these LED strips to illuminate the staircase. Open-riser stairs look especially attractive with LED lights, and they’re also functional because those gaps can be terribly treacherous at night.

Using these LED strips, you can decorate the interiors of your home as well. Even the shelve borders can also be decorated using the the LED strips. A little use of creativity and Polycab LED lights together can make a huge difference!

With Polycab lights, you don’t need to worry about saving while getting more brightness and illumination. That’s our Deepavali gift!


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