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Polycab India Limited has a legacy of 50 exceptional years marked by customer satisfaction and enabled by our focus on Quality, Service and Timely deliveries that has helped us to become Indiaʼs leading and prominent wires & cables manufacturer. Beside our presence in India we have established a strong global presence in 40+ countries and take pride in our state-of-the-artproduction facilities, backward integration and an extensive distribution network.

Polycab offers a comprehensive range of Rubber(Elastomeric) flexible cable as per various national and international specification for exclusively specialized application viz; Off-shore & On-shore drilling equipment, Automatic welding equipment, mining equipment, overhead cranes, cable reeling & unreeling drums, Marine & Ship wiring, Nuclear power plant, Renewable energy, elevators,high temperature applications in furnaces, indoor & outdoor application where high flexibility is a major concern.

And when it’s about rubber cable, Polycab Rubber cable is the connection you can bank upon. From harsh environment of extreme temperature, continuous flexing and exposure to abrasion, Polycab Rubber Cable withstands every single challenge every single time. We offer entire range of Rubber cables with excellent flexibility, superior abrasion and weathering resistance, enhanced resistance to ozone, heat, chemicals, fire etc with higher life expectancy within operating temperature ranges between -50 ºC to 180 ºC as well as to 200 ºC for more critical application. Based on Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR), Polychloroprene rubber (PCP), Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene rubber (CSP), Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE), NBR-PVC blend, EVA or equivalent grade of synthetic rubber, high temperature Silicone Rubber and other specialized elastomers.

Polycab has been awarded the prestigious license of IS 9968-Part-1, IS 9857 & IS 14494 issued by the Bureau of Indian Standard for manufacturing & supply of Rubber cable. Our commitment to quality, systems and processes is of paramount importance in every aspect of our activities. Our manufacturing facilities are evaluated and certified for ISO – 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 & OHSAS 1800: 2007.

Product Range

Single and multicore Power and Control cables of 1.1 KV grade as per IS 9968-(Part1), BE EN 50363, BS EN 50525-2-42

High Voltage cables ranging from 3.3 KV to 33 KV as per IS 9968-(Part2)
Welding cables with HOFR grade as per IS 9857 & BS EN 50525-2-81.

Silicone Rubber Cables for high temperature (up to 180ºC) application as per IS: 9968, BS EN 50525-2-41, BS EN 50525-2-21,.

Rubber Cables with anti-torsional reinforcement between inner & outer sheath for Heavy Windmill application.

Mining cables as per IS 14494

  • Type FT-7 (1.1KV grade trailing cables for Mining Equipment)
  • Type FTD-3 (1.1KV grade trailing cables for handheld drillers)
  • Type FT-10 (3.3/6.6KV grade cables for power supply to Mining Equipment)
  • Type 3PA1 / 6PA1 (3.3/6.6KV grade cables for power supply to Mining Equipment)

Single core, multicore & paired cable for ship wiring & Marine application as per NES -512/DEF-STAN-02-526/IEC-60092-353, IEC 60092-360.

Railway rolling stock cable as per BS EN 50382, BS EN 50264.

All types of tailor-made cable as per customer specification

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