Agriculture has been a part of the Indian subcontinent since the times of the Rigveda. By 4500 BCE the development of irrigation increased agricultural production by leaps and bounds. Just as the country faced upheavals throughout history so has the profession of farming. In spite of all ups and downs millennia later India is still an agrarian economy and stands second in the world in agricultural production.

Discovery of irrigation contributed tremendously for the development of agriculture. Irrigation entails artificial application of water to farm land to assist in growing crops, maintain landscapes, revitalise disturbed soil in dry areas and in periods of inadequate rainfall, suppress weed growth in grain fields etc. Maximum states in India and especially those that contribute the most to the annual GDP growth of the country are dependent on irrigation to water their lands. In Asia 68% of farming area is equipped for irrigation and the largest contiguous areas of high irrigation density in Asia are in North India, Pakistan and China.

Methods of irrigation include surface irrigation, localised irrigation, drip irrigation, irrigation using sprinklers, in ground irrigation etc. Farmers may use one or more types according to their and their soil needs. In almost all the types except one or two the use of pipes become a necessity.

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) also known as rigid PVC is a form of poly (vinylchloride) (PVC) – the third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer in the world and roughly half of the world’s production is used in producing pipes. PVC-U pipes are mostly used in pipe distribution systems of drinking water, sewer and discharge. They are resistant to extreme environments, chemical or metallic corrosion, and industrial waste. Physically PVC-U pipes are not influenced by rain/ wind/ sunshine. It does not transfer fire as flames are unable to travel on them. Relatively light, PVC-U pipes are easy to install and assure joints that do not leak as sockets are welded with solvent glue or rubber. This makes maintenance of the pipes less troublesome and easy on the pockets.

Due to these qualities PVC-U pipes have become a necessity in agricultural irrigation. One of the oldest names in the market Poly cab manufactures eminent quality PVC-U pipes.

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