Solar Water Heaters

It’s that time of the year where the sweaters are out and all the shorts are back inside. Yes, winter is here.

Water heating accounts for 17 percent to a typical home’s energy use and since the temperatures are going to be taking a dip, no one would want to take a dip in cold water anymore hence the usage of the geyser will shoot up.

Don’t worry you won’t have to spend all your change giving electricity bills; we have the perfect solution for you, Solar water heater. Solar water heaters should be a must have in every household. You’re probably thinking how do they work?

It’s simple, as the name suggests it’s a system that uses the sun to heat the domestic water that you use. It uses solar panels to collect all the solar energy. However, these panels contain a water- based fluid that carried the heat down to the water. Without mixing the fluids, the system transfers the sun’s heat to the water supply using a device called the heat exchanger.

Pretty simple isn’t it? That’s how the heat gets transferred, that being said here are reasons you should be investing in a solar water heater this winter –

1. Fighting climate change-

The first and foremost reason is to save electricity and fight climate change. We all are looking at a neater and greener way of life and solar water heaters take you one step closer to that.

Switching to solar hot water is a great way to reduce carbon emissions and other green housegases.

2. Monthly savings –

A solar heater can provide upto 80 percent of your hot water needs, even when the temperature rises. This translates to monthly savings for you. It is also expected to last more than 40 years. So that is a lot of cost cutting in the long run which means a lot of savings.

Since the workings and benefits of a solar water heater are discussed, there are a few things you should look into before buying yourself a solar water heater.

The top priority should be a trustworthy brand, apart from that take a look at the size of the water heater, estimate the cost and efficiency of the solar water heating system and make sure the post sales and maintenance is top notch.

Now that you know how they work, what are their benefits and what are the things you should consider when buying a solar water heater, so then go ahead make your winter warmer and the city a cleaner and greener place.

2 thoughts on “Solar Water Heaters
  • I just want to know more about the initial cost of solar water there any requirements for the area of plot or house

    • Hi Narendra, please let us know your contact details so someone from our team can get in touch with you regarding the same. Thank You.

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