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How Optical Fibre Cables are Essential for Building Smart Cities

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Optical fibre cables have been an important part of the 21 century infrastructure developments. In India especially, the government has pushed for the investments on high capacity networks and increase in access to internet in rural and non-commercial areas. Incidentally, the digital initiatives to speed up over 100 cities’ transformation to smart cities adds additional … Continue reading “How Optical Fibre Cables are Essential for Building Smart Cities”

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Optical fiber cables – advantage over copper cables

The human civilization has evolved from the use of pipes for redirecting water to the use of such “pipes” to carry data around. Today we’ve reached a level where optical fiber cables and cable glands are some of the most common things one finds in a household.

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Choose The Perfect Cables For Data And Electrical Transmission

Data transmission speed relies a lot on the type of cables used. There are different types of cables one can use for transmitting data from one place to another, but the most popular choice currently is the Optical Fiber Cable. These cables are constructed from strands of pure glass known as optical fibres. Glass has … Continue reading “Choose The Perfect Cables For Data And Electrical Transmission”

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