ARP Roads: An efficient cable-reinforcement solution

June 16, 2022by admin

As non-metallic composites, Aramid Reinforcement Plastic (ARP) Rods are designed and used as strength members in fiber-optics. The entire concept of having cable-reinforcement-solutions hinges on providing optical fibers in the cables with protection against mechanical stresses, which is instrumental to have optimal performance from them. ARP Rods work as truly efficient cable-reinforcement-solutions, that are usually fitted at the centre or in the periphery of the cables. Flexibility, low bending radius, light weight and many other features of these Rods enable additional functionalities that become handy for different deployment-requirements of Optical Fiber Cables (OFCs).The combination of Aramid Yarns and a specific resin provides these ARP Rods high-tensile strength & better bending properties with minimum weight, which make them apt for FTTH, Drop and Ariel cables and cable-designs for any application, wherein the cables are laid in sharp bends. They prevent any kind of cable-buckling with their high modulus. Moreover, due to their di-electric quality, these Rods are suitable for all the di-electric cable-configurations, where cable-deployment takes place near to power-lines. Having a low co-efficient of thermal expansion, they work as an ideal cable-reinforcement for high-temperature environments.

Polycab Telecom manufactures compact and aesthetic ARP Rods in diverse sizes and customizations, specified by our customers, to meet their needs, with 0.4mm & 0.5 mm being the most common of the sizes. We serve to the global market with these products as well.