DWDM is the real evolutionary technology for passive network architecture

June 15, 2022by admin

Today Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) is one of the most frequently applied fiber-optic transmission technologies to build core telecom networks. DWDM is an optical multiplexing system, wherein data-signals from varied sources are put together, with each signal being transmitted on a separate light wavelength. More than 80 separate wavelengths, each about 0.8 of a nanometre-wide, can share a single optical fiber. Combination and transmission of multiple signals concurrently at different wavelengths on the same fiber increases the capacity of the physical medium, enabling massive amounts of data on a single network-link. Deployment of DWDM on existing E-PON and G-PON networks to deliver FTTH and for optical Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) Networks is quite regular now. Polycab Telecom recently used DWDM technology to increase bandwidth over the OFC-network in Gujarat, it created to execute end-to-end network roll-out for Phase-II of BharatNet, world’s largest rural broadband project.

Ashish D. Jain

Executive President & COO
Telecom Division, Polycab India Limited