Hospitality has adopted smart operations to transform guest-experiences

November 10, 2022by admin

Data are unleashing possibilities. Smart technology, based on collating and analysing data, is giving us actionable insights for every facet of life and work. As in healthcare, real estate, education and retail sectors, IoT-based data and operations have revolutionized hotel operations and transformed guest-experiences in hospitality industry as well. Service-providers and guests, both have been benefitted alike in the hospitality industry. Emerging smart hospitality-networks empower visitors with more and more control over the environment. With continuity and high speed, efficient networks facilitate streamlined hospitality services for the customers. Guests and staff, both get to enjoy a streamlined hotel management system in smart hotels. Guests can control and automate various settings themselves for lights, thermostats, door locks and more. Smart sensors and specific apps enable visitors to reserve parking spots, prior to their visit to the hotels or any other defined destination. Remote check-in through mobile devices, menu notifications to guests after knowing their presence in rooms through smart occupancy sensors, plumbing sensors, with which leaks can be detected and reported quickly or smart lighting which helps hoteliers to automate energy-consumption with real-time changes in occupancy, smart hotels have emerged as a perfect place to serve to the high digital needs of their guests and visitors. In conjunction with the highest level of guest and visitor experience, IoT-based adjustments in services bring in an enhanced level of sustainability for hospitality businesses through diminished operational costs.

Polycab Telecom, Telecom Division of Polycab India Ltd., sees a hospitality-environment as an all-inclusive implementation of data-based systems, resulting in varied digital applications. Our network-architects and network-engineers have been successfully involved in the design of networks for the hospitality industry.