IGFR-Yarns Facilitate an easy handling of cables of different weight

June 16, 2022by admin

Di-electric cable-designs that use stranded strength members, placed in one or more layers over the core tube, are designed to use glass yarns in different groupings to achieve the desired mechanical properties in the finished cables. Impregnated Glass Fibre Reinforcement-yarns (IGFR Yarns) are manufactured, using E-glass fibres with branded PU Resin-systems. IGFR-yarns work as an advanced and upgraded cable-reinforcement solution with marked smoothness, softness and strength. An aptly smooth and flexible coating facilitates their handling and removes dust and wobbly fibres during cable-production even at very high speeds. With a variety of coatings available, different coatings bring in different levels of productivity and cable-strength. The effects of temperature, humidity, UV-radiation and chemical environment on the strength and flexibility of the yarns are well-kept in mind, while coating them appropriately. As the main reinforcing material, these coated yarns meet the performance-requirements of roofing and tension-support to the cables. Moreover, a high strength-to-weight ratio of these IGFR-yarns facilitates an easy handling of cables of different weights.

Providing next-generation structured cabling solutions in a comprehensive and customized manner, Polycab Telecom is a leading manufacturer of IGFR-yarns. We craft them in diverse customizations, as per the needs of our esteemed customers. Our IGFR-yarns are regularly supplied to our global customers as well.