Number of vehicles is always on the rise in India. Problems like traffic-congestion, decreasing road-safety, increasing number of accidents and limited car-parking facilities have entwined in our lives. The evolution of IoT bears a strong hope with realizable possibility of Intelligent Transport System. The concept of an Intelligent or Smart Transportation revolves around unlocking and combining vast amounts of fragmented data and transforming it into transport-services, that improve quality of life for all of us. Digital transformation, happening all over, has all the potential to facilitate urban governance in making transition to the Intelligent Transportation in a secure and sustainable way. Using multiple technologies in an integrated manner, an Intelligent Transportation network reduces traffic-congestion significantly, bringing in cleaner air, less wasted time and reduced energy-consumption. Within cities, data can be collected from CCTV-feeds, which transmit vehicle-related data to traffic-management-centres. IoT-powered applications like car-navigation, connected cars, fortified with internet-connectivity, sensors and actuators, traffic-signal control-systems, automatic number plate recognition, speed-cameras, toll and ticketing, smart parking, smart accident assistance among others, carry the promise to make human lives happier, safer and better on roads. High-quality data in an Intelligent Transport System can be used to extract a rich understanding of incidents and accidents in a city and make insightful decisions for its roadway-maintenance and growth.

Polycab Telecom has a dedicated team of Smart City-professionals, who have the track-record of building the next-generation, robust and scalable network, which can have a range of IOT-based transportation services. They have delivered a range of Intelligent Transportation Solutions, including vehicle-number-plate-detection with the RTO-data-base, traffic-monitoring and vehicle-speed-detection for the safety and security of city-dwellers.