Liu A Prime Part of Our Passive Networking Offerings

May 16, 2022by admin

Though it is in its nascent stage, yet the Internet of Things (IoT) has stretched internet-connectivity beyond desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, to any range of non-internet-enabled physical devices and things from everyday life. People, machines and things can be connected to the internet and to the networks that use internet-technology. Infused with technology, the connected devices and things in an Fiber-optic Patch Panel’s Light Interface Units (LIUs) facilitate us in organizing fibers and executing installation of Optical Fiber Cables (OFCs). Frequently applied in wired communication networks, these LIUs help in routing and managing optical cable-terminations. With their outer part made up of quality-steel with anti-corrosive powder coating, the LIUs not only come handy to fix and control the OFCs inside the box, they also provide protection to them for their shelf-life. Manufactured in Wall-mounted and Rack-mounted varieties, LIUs enable communication between various system-inputs and outputs related to lighting control, with the use of central computing devices. They are called or termed as Fiber Optic Interconnection Units, reflecting their purpose as small basic cabinets and enclosures to inter-connect, cross-connect or splice applications in LAN-environments of a site. Number of fibers is what becomes the basis to choose the appropriate kind of a LIU, Wall-mounted or Rack-mounted, for an application.

Keeping LIU as a prominent accessory for its Passive Networking Solutions, Polycab Telecom crafts Fiber LIU Unloaded Sliding-type. The Sliding LIU has swift glide ball-bearing slide-rails for a seamless pull-out & push-in feature, with a facility for Stop as well. Aptness for inter-connection in distributed cables or between cables and optical equipment, compact & small design of enclosure, operation-friendly front-door design, easy fiber-expansion facility and seamless tackling for splices and terminations, a Sliding Fiber Unloaded LIU brings in high-quality fiber-management throughout a network.