Our Story

Polycab Telecom is a part of the vibrant legacy of Polycab India Ltd., one of the most trusted and admired names of India in the electrical wires & cables industry.

Polycab Telecom signifies an entrepreneurial dynamism to make digital connectivity a fundamental force in the evolution of the society and economy. Knowing that the penetration and momentum of digital networks across territories is highly dependent on the infrastructure, we come up as a one stop destination for end-to-end digital-infra solutions. Leapfrogging traditional technologies, we’ve built and strengthened our capabilities for a faster rollout of the passive digital infrastructure.

We’ve arranged our passive range of product portfolio in a way that it becomes an essential enabler for mainstreaming innovative digital applications. Believing in the power of ubiquitous access to digital data, we execute surveys, planning, supply, installations, end-to-end integrations, testing & commissioning of GPON and transport networks. Based on the fact that the high speed data networks will drive backhaul fiberisation, we’re offering our OFC-based network architectures as the primary solution for backhaul and fixed broadband in India and world over.

Empowered with our rich experience and impeccable track record of more than 5 decades in the wires & cable segment, we work as a complete provider of end-to-end high speed digital-infra solutions with a full life cycle support, for rural net connectivity and urban infra projects. A full life cycle support, offered by us, is not a random arrangement, instead it is underlined by an inherent strength of technological competence and meticulous planning.

Strategic Planning, Network Planning, Network Designing, Network Building, Service Fulfilment and Service Assurance, with a bedrock of Network Database, are integral components of this full life cycle support, illustrating us as a trusted Project Implementing Agency.  

We, with our efforts are broadening the scope of digital services, in terms of people centric and interaction based connected working ecosystem. We’re committed to fulfil the evolving needs of digital inclusion, facilitating interconnected technologies that can communicate, transfer and analyse data with high speed.

At Polycab Telecom, we truly believe in growing along with our partners and thus support them in taking the latest technologies and their benefits to the end customers. As a leading digital infrastructure provider with our specialised offerings and proven expertise, we’re geared up to facilitate our partners by enabling them with end-to-end advisory services and consultancy on conceptualisation, incubation, project designing and training on implementation of passive infrastructure products for digital network.

As the global market shifts gears from 4G to 5G and a Smart Future beckons us with Smart Buildings, Smart Homes, Smart Offices, Smart Campuses, Smart Cities and Digital Villages, our team of top-industry professionals is on the mission to explore and deliver all the digital possibilities.

Polycab Telecom is here to alter the landscape and usher in Smart Connections into the finer aspect of our lives.