Passive Networking Products: Fundamental for data-networks

June 15, 2022by admin0

Undeniably, data has become one of the essential commodities of new era; more so, when we’re hit by an era-defining pandemic. Life stood still, but we never stopped living and working. Work-From-Home has become the New Normal and various companies have planned to follow the model permanently. While we see consumption of datarising by the day,there is a growing urge to have its super-fast and dependable availability, subsequently makinglast-mile connectivity all the more important, which is supported by robust passive networking solutions. Robust passive networking products have to be the next fundamental building block of high-quality data-networks. Polycab Telecom aims for the quality of end-to-end solutions, backed by the best of design-methodologies, which bring inthe desired network-throughput, longevity and value.

Srikant V Telharkar

Head – Product Management
Telecom Division,
Polycab India Limited

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